Black Friday: How to Stay a Savvy Shopper

Black Friday. The two words that are just like marmite: you either love them or you hate them. For those who love a good ol’ bargain, Black Friday is an essential event in the calendar that needs to be highlighted and circled 3 times. For those who are less keen, it is a hellish day filled with Karens who will stop at nothing to get every penny shaved off their receipt. This year, Black Friday is a day for the digital sphere, as physical stores are remaining closed due to the second national lockdown. Say goodbye to never-ending queues and flustered middle-ages ladies demanding to see the manager. 

Although Black Friday pertains to be a day of devilishly good deals in the run up to Christmas, we must ensure we remain vigilant, as this is an opportunity for many brands to trick customers into buying more product. If you want to be a savvy shopper this Black Friday, here are the tips: 

  1. Use it as an opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done 

Seeing as Black Friday is intended to help us get the ball rolling with our present buying, there’s no denying it’s a fabulous opportunity to check some presents off your list. Why wait until December and pay full price for something when you can obtain a hefty discount just by starting a little earlier? Seems like a no brainer to me. Just make sure you stay smart about seemingly too-good-to-be-true reductions. 

  1. Research and compare prices 

Unfortunately for us customers, some brands think we lack the brain cells to recognise when prices have been unnecessarily inflated. They will use this opportunity to charge more for products, but give the illusion that they’re discounted, by crossing out a false pre-discounted price. Keep this in mind when you’re doing your shopping by comparing different retailers for the best deal. Amazon have been known to do this, so click through and shop around to find the retailers who are giving a genuine price reduction. Focus on value – is the price fair for the value you’re going to get out of the item? 

  1. Practise self-control 

It can be very easy to descend into a state of panic-shopping, by impulsively selecting every item that you see has a pretty good-looking price tag on it. This could potentially be an even bigger risk with online shopping, as we all can get click-happy and continuously add items to our virtual baskets. Shopping online gives the mirage that our baskets are bottomless, that they will never get heavy and therefore there is no limit to what we can buy. Black Friday is a wonderful occasion to master the art of will-power – could you really carry that 25-item Amazon basket back to your car? Give it a go, I dare you. 

  1. Make a list of what you need. Do not deviate.  

Similar to above, the temptation of good bargains can entice us to make superfluous purchases. If you make a list before your shopping spree and make it your mission to solely buy what’s written down, you will be much less likely to make here-and-there purchases. 

  1. Consider click & collect options 

So you’ll spend £100 on clothes but a 99p delivery fee is enough to put you off altogether. Sound familiar? I thought so. Paying for delivery is one of the down-sides of online shopping and can seem like an unnecessary addition to the grand total, especially as we have no choice but to online-shop during lockdown. Try snooping around the company’s delivery page, as you may discover they offer click & collect services. If you live local to a branch, you can save delivery costs by selecting this option. It will be a nice excuse to leave the house. 

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