Plug and Tub before the pandemic

Cheers! Happy Hour is back in the Plug

There’s hope for uni life in 2020 yet.

Plug and Tub before the pandemic

Students rejoice as The SU announces the return of discounted drinks at Happy Hour every Friday. 

The popular evening used to see hundreds of students descend on the venue, forming herds at the bar as they waited to purchase the cheapest pint south of Sheffield. 

Adapted for the pandemic and current guidelines, Happy Hour will see double pints served to tables and groups limited to six people, but prices have remained consistent at £1.95 a pint or 80p for a soft drink. 

Prior to the announcement, The SU website stated that “Weekend Warm-up” would not be returning until after the pandemic, meaning that an entire generation of freshers would be left confused by the concept of a snakebite. 

Now, while they may miss out on lengthy queues and elbow wrestling to the bar, freshers can still enjoy the highlight of Bath nightlife with the added luxury of table service. 

Running from four o’clock to eight o’clock, students can then journey to The SU’s new venue, the East Village, to enjoy a 2020 take on what Bath clubs once were. 

And if that wasn’t enough, this weekend, Komedia are joining Moles and “Plug Fresco” who will each host events every Friday and Saturday night in heated marquees, with genres and themes ranging from Klass classics, to decades and disco. 

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