Restriction-Friendly Socials

Quarantining when returning from abroad is the responsible thing to do but sadly, it does limit activities that would go on during a typical freshers’ week. Luckily, as we have learnt through lockdown, there are many other ways to ‘see’ your friends that aren’t face-to-face or that keep us safe by staying in our bubbles.

3 things to do during  quarantine
  1. Netflix party – It lets you watch videos with your friends and chat together at the same time. As a flat, you could pick a movie or show to watch, and Netflix Party will sync the playback across your accounts, so you’re all watching the same thing at the same time from your individual accounts. If you choose something familiar to everyone, it means other casual conversation can happen in the chat box without missing any major plot points of the show!
  2. Scener – An American app nicknamed the ‘Virtual Movie Theater’, Scener allows you to host watch parties using video chat across any streaming platform e.g. Prime, Disney+, Netflix or SkyGo! This gives much more flexibility on shows and movies compared to just Netflix Party and the video aspect of it means you can watch and interact with people’s reactions in real time. Trashy reality TV shows (I’m thinking Too Hot To Handle or Selling Sunset) would be extra fun on an app like Scener.
  3. Evil apples – this app recreates all the fun of Cards Against Humanity but on your phone. The app is very simple, convenient and reliable. One player starts a game and everyone joins using their ‘code’ to begin . The number of rounds is customisable and there is also a chat box to discuss the wins and losses of the group. Beware, this game can get rather heated!
2 things to do on campus
  • Sham Castle – behind Westwood on campus sits the Bath Golf Course, which students can access easily through the towpath that wraps around campus. Walk through the golf course towards Sham Castle and watch the sunset behind the country hills. Maybe bring some food and pimms if it is sunny for an evening picnic that will be so instagram story worthy, you won’t even remember the concrete eyesore that is Norwood House. Please be respectful of the course though, watch out for flying golf balls and take home ALL your stuff  #LeaveNoTrace
  • The Lake – on a sunny afternoon, you cannot beat a pint (or pint of pimms!) sat down by the lake with your friends. It is a large space so easy to sit with your flat and minimise mixing with other flats and it is conveniently close to the SU or Fresh if you ever want a top up – just don’t forget your mask!
1 thing to do in town
  • Mini golf in Royal Victoria Park – now open for business with no booking necessary, mini golf is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with your bubble. The park is located just along from the Royal Crescent, so be sure to walk past on your way into town or home for a picture or two. To get to the park, take the U1 to Lorne Road and walk the 10 minutes to the park. Only £5 for students, it is also a cheap way to spend an afternoon!

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