An Interview with Cream Rises, a New Initiative for Sustainable Fashion

Cream Rises is a fashion marketplace; an idea that was born during the long days of lockdown. A sustainable, ethical and contemporary place to shop, Cream Rises is sure to hit the spot for our young generation. Monica Phillibert, one of the creators of this niche marketplace, provides the story behind the initiative and tells us about the driving force behind Cream Rises’ inception.

What inspired you to set up Cream Rises?

“Our team have always loved purchasing clothing from independent, handmade clothing stores. In general, their clothes are usually much higher quality, unique and still super fashionable! In addition to this, they’re always ethically made and help to slow the fashion cycle by eliminating overproduction. Sustainable fashion is a really current subject, particularly for the younger, fashion-conscious generation. So, it really made sense for us to combine our passion for sustainability with our love for handmade clothing towards founding Cream Rises this year.”

Why is your target market 13-25-year-olds? Was this purely a strategic decision?

I would say not purely strategic, there are 3 main reasons we selected this demographic:

Cream Rises is an online marketplace which sells fashion-forward, handmade clothing. Our independent designers are often aged 13-25 and generally produce garments that are tailored to the wants and needs of the younger fashion-conscious generation.

 13-25-year-olds are the primary target demographic for fast fashion. At Cream Rises, we want to provide a sustainable fashion alternative for these consumers. By doing this we can drive the transition towards a fashion industry which is kinder to our planet.

Our target market is already demanding change from the fashion industry. Research reports that 62% of 13-25-year-olds prefer to buy from sustainable brands, whilst 70% try to purchase from companies they consider ethical.

Why do you think sustainability is so important today?

I think that public awareness of sustainability is growing exponentially. We are seeing the likes of Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion frequently making headlines and people are starting to notice. Consumers are now actively making greener and more sustainable purchases where possible and most companies are having to act fast to meet the needs of their customers.

What is the main goal that you want Cream Rises to achieve?

Cream Rises is our first-ever business venture so it’s difficult to define a single goal or outcome that we would like to achieve. If nothing else, we hope to raise awareness about the dangers of fast fashion to the environment. Also, to change people’s perceptions of handmade and upcycled clothing. I think a lot of people imagine handmade clothing to be ‘frumpy’ or unfashionable, but actually, it’s quite the opposite!

I love the aesthetic of the shop and the style of the garments. How do you choose the designers to represent?

Thank you! Ellie Woodrow is the Director of New Business at Cream Rises and she spends a lot of time finding suitable designers on platforms such as Etsy, Depop and Instagram. We also use advertising so often get messages from designers wanting to sell on our site! We ensure all our designers are fashion-forward and practise sustainable production before we accept them onto the marketplace.

How would you describe Cream Rises in 3 words? Why?

This is a tricky one! I would say the following 3:

Niche. Unlike many more general marketplaces, we are targeting the highly unsaturated handmade and upcycled clothing category. This makes Cream Rises much more competitive as a new fashion e-commerce company.

Transparent. All our clothing is handmade ethically by independent UK designers, providing our customers with real supply-chain transparency and the ability to connect with the people making their clothes.

Innovative. At Cream Rises we are always trying to adapt and improve to meet the needs of not only our customers but also our designers. For example, we have recently introduced the live chat feature to our site, allowing customers to communicate instantly with our designers.

How do you think Cream Rises will benefit the students at Bath? Why would you encourage students to shop using your platform?

There are not many sustainable options in Bath for students when it comes to fashion. We have the big vintage kilo sale every term, but these items aren’t necessarily on-trend and current like the majority of university students would desire. Cream Rises is an online platform which makes handmade and upcycled fashion easily accessible to consumers like those at Bath. Festival, summer, spring, swim, you name it, I am sure has what you are looking for, and the best thing is – it’s guilt-free!

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