Best Independent Shops in Bath to Support and Why

The current economic precarity that we are collectively facing due to the pandemic is undoubtedly difficult to navigate. For independent businesses, this has led to many shops on the high street facing closure due to a fall in the number of customers. In Bath, there are a multitude of beautiful independent shops that add warmth, character and life to the city, making it in all our best interests to do what we can to help keep these businesses afloat.

Here are some of the best independent shop in Bath that are worth making the extra effort to support:

Rossiters of Bath
Rossiters is Bath’s take on John Lewis, offering a range of products that you would normally find in high street department stores. The shop always has a warm, friendly atmosphere and provides a multitude of handy items and great gifts for our homes.

The San Francisco Fudge Factory
A fudge-lover’s paradise, this shop offers a range of handmade fudge so delectably tasty, you can’t help but want to go back for more! Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth or buying a little treat as a present for somebody, this sweetie heaven is a wonderful addition to the city centre and well worth investing in!

Grace & Ted
Looking for a designer bag without the price tag? Grace & Ted boasts a unique concept; a shop that resells luxury items at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for the bargain hunters among us, this little family-owned shop is a little luxury oasis in the heart of the city.

Topping & Company Booksellers
We can all agree there’s something magical about roaming the aisles of an old-fashioned bookshop. Topping & Co. is a charming bookshop that sells a range of bestsellers, perfect for bookworms.

Bath Aqua Glass
You’ve probably walked past this aesthetically pleasing shop a number of times due to its prime location next to the Baths. Beautiful handmade, glass ornaments adorn the shop, providing a gorgeous décor for customers. What’s more, they house a glassblowing workshop where you can pay to make your own glass ornament!

Bath Retro Store
Full of quirky knick-knacks and blasts from the past, this retro shop is perfect for those looking for items from bygone eras. If vintage is your cup of tea, this shop is perfect for you!

Charity Shops
If you enjoy spending your money in order to help charitable organisations, Charity Shops are the ones for you. The best ones are hands-down on Moorland Road, for example Dorothy house and Children’s Hospice Southwest. There are 7 in total, so plenty to check out if you don’t have immediate luck, as this can often be the case with Charity Shops!

Why is buying independent/charity shopping so good, especially for students?

Charity Shops are perfect for budgeting students as price tags are always extremely humble. In addition, the money you’re spending is going towards a good cause, which is extremely important to remember to do instead of constantly supporting fast fashion corporations. Donating clothes is also a large part of charity shopping, making for a nice, cyclical process that promotes a friendlier environment and sustainability.

Shopping at Independents is also an ideal route for students because you’re actively supporting the local businesses that keep our University town as unique as it is! Especially in times like these where the economy is sluggish and hope is dwindling, avoiding shopping at high-street stores will kick-start local economies and instil a new glimmer of hope into the society.

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