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Finally, we can workout at 4am: New 24/7 PureGym opens in Bath

Imagine the scene: it’s exam season, you’ve been up all night revising, it gets to 4am and you get the sudden burning desire to spend half an hour on an exercise bike – well, now you can! 

24/7 gym giant PureGym has finally opened its doors to its Spring Wharf site, despite the 3-month delay thanks to everyone’s favourite global pandemic.   

cc: Yasmin Western

Super convenient for students living in Oldfield Park, the gym is a 10-minute walk from Moorland Road. Despite not currently being accessible at all hours, it is open for at least 12 hours every day meaning most keen beans can find some time to fit training in. 

The gym boasts tons of equipment including functional areas, Olympic weightlifting platforms, a designated class studio – with up to 60+ classes every week included in the membership – and plenty of space to cool down after your workout. Plus, if you have a car and the short walk from Oldfield is just too much, there’s a free car park as well.  

The gym has also made adaptations to its service to ensure it keeps customers safe; with sanitation stations around the gym floor, moving and turning off equipment to ensure social distancing and upping cleaning and sanitation of the premises.  

Having visited the gym myself a few times this week as I finally get back into my return to sport, I can say that I felt very safe being back in an indoor gym environment. Everyone seemed to be following the rules about sanitising equipment and people were definitely mindful of social distancing and behaved respectfully of one another. 

PureGym is relatively contact free normally, but to enhance this they have changed the Pin Number entry to a contactless barcode. Like many other places, the vending machines also only accept contactless payments and get cleaned regularly. As for the changing rooms and lockers, you are required to provide your own padlock to secure your locker, another thing that can be kept away from potential contamination.  

The opening hours are already super flexible; PureGym, unlike other gym chains, has made the decision to not open 24 hours in order to ensure the premises are always staffed. Once PureGym deem it safe enough to extend the hours and subsequently, the freedom to train whenever, the gym will provide a welcome break from our desks, especially during term time. 

Compared to my local PureGym, it definitely seems a lot nicer because the layout makes sense and I personally like the fact that the gym floor isn’t full of treadmills and nothing else. Even though the free weights area is in the back corner, it doesn’t have that usual dingy, secluded unwelcoming vibe that a lot of other gyms have due to how open plan the space is.  

Memberships to this Bath PureGym start at £21.99 which is higher than the company’s other locations. Having said that, this new Spring Wharf setup is cheaper than most other gyms in Bath. Plus, you can get access to all PureGyms nationwide with an additional cost to your membership – very convenient if you travel about a lot.  

With the STV gym costing £299 for the year, there’s a big saving to be made if you can get used to the “commercial gym” vibe, which the university gym doesn’t seem to have as much – let the gains commence. 

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