I saw a goldfinch

I saw a goldfinch  
On the stoop this morning.  

It was pecking at that something or other.  
I saw a sparrow do the same the other day, 
Dipped its head in time to the fire alarm across the street.  
Its friends dust-bathed across the driveway  
Like smokers outside a nightclub.  

I thought about birds -  
I wonder what they make of the news.  
They can take a trip to Durham with the family,  
No worries of uproar or outcry.  

I thought about birds -  
They don’t stock up on birdseed from the feeder,  
They don’t need stockpiles of TP to wipe their arses.  

I thought about birds, and seabirds -  
If one wanted it could fly to Trinidad,  
Enjoy the sun, the swells by the shore,  
Rest for a while and then if it’s feeling ambitious  
Fly to New Zealand and not get tested at the border.  

The goldfinch has been round every day since March,  I wonder if I set out a table and a pint glass  
Would he set up there with a cig and the latest crossword?  
Mirror me, slippered and unshaven,  
Pondering diffuse alveolar damage and Glasto cancellations.  
Were it only so easy to put up a birdfeeder and keep your friends this close. 

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