Dear Fresher, it’s going to be alright

Dear Fresher,  

3 years ago, I had just graduated from high school and was ready to leave the family nest to start the adventure of a lifetime. Weeks before even moving to Bath, I had already gone through several scenarios of how my life was going to be as a student. It was pretty hard to imagine and let’s be honest, a waste of time! 

Every student experience is so unique and subjective, as university is generally such an inclusive space for each and every one of us to blossom at our own pace.  

The ultimate university experience is nowhere near defined in the first week of freshers, nor in your first year. It is a journey which you will embrace from start to finish – throughout your whole degree.  

A piece of advice I wish I was given before starting uni is that no one expects you to enter university with the prerequisites of a post-graduate. Don’t pressure yourself or doubt your abilities before you have even started your course! You will be assigned excellent professors, study groups, etc. whom will teach you everything you need to know in time.  

Aside from the academic aspect, university is, before anything else, an excellent opportunity for you to be experimental, have fun, make mistakes, test your limits, fall in and out of love and get to know yourself better.  

You will master the art of getting ready for lectures in 60 seconds, eating cereal for dinner, collecting dozens of freebies, working on last minute essays until the early hours of the morning and experiencing some of the worst hangovers in history. Sometimes it’s worth it (and sometimes it isn’t).  

If I would describe my student experience in one word, I’d say: ‘rollercoaster’. It was definitely a big learning curve for me, and I definitely had my moments. But the last few years have shaped the person that I am today and I have lived incredible moments with incredible people.  

The current pandemic should not affect your student experience in any way. It is no secret that some things will undoubtably be different, but there are alternative options out there for you to socialize, have fun, and learn new things every day.  

The fact is, University isn’t so much characterized by its substance but rather, by you and every other person who has stepped foot into its premises. If I could go back to being a silly fresher, I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.  

Moral of the story: your life has only just begun! 

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