What I Miss About Bath

To me, being in the city of Bath seems like a distant memory, with so much happening in my life since last being there that I wonder if it will feel the same upon return. One glorious thing about Bath as a place is the lasting impression it leaves on each individual and the feeling you get when you’re there to see it in all its glory – it truly is a city of incomparable charm. 

It’s not difficult to miss Bath. I miss it whenever I go home for a short weekend or over the summer holidays, so it seems bizarre to have had an entire year away from it and it is safe to say I am actually yearning for its cobbled streets and warm, vibrant atmosphere. One thing a lot of us students have in common at the moment is that we are missing our Uni town immensely, consciously or not. With many of us packing up and returning back to our hometowns for the abnormal life change that was lockdown, we can all at least unite in the longing we have to go back to the mothership where we all first met. 

Here is a roundup of the things that I currently miss about Bath. Never did I ever think some of these things would cross my mind, but they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Even if it’s about something that previously made your blood boil (I’m looking at you, seagulls). 

  1. Brunch restaurants 

There is something about the abundance of good brunch restaurants in Bath that makes it the perfect Uni town. Whether it be a hearty brunch to cure a horrible hangover or a cute catch-up date with a course friend (or a home friend whenever they visit), there is always somewhere inviting for you to settle down in and enjoy some good food. Beyond The Kale, Green Rocket Café and Café Au Lait are the three places I am eager to set foot in once again when I return and I highly encourage everyone to follow suit. 

  1. Performing acts in the Abbey square 

When walking through town, it’s impossible to miss the performers that are constantly in the square just outside Primark or outside The Pump Room. From baton twirling to violin playing on a tightrope, you’ll never fail to miss a person performing very interesting – and sometimes questionable – entertainment acts that are sure to put a little smile on your face.  

  1. The sound of the seagulls and wondering how they got here 

Now, being woken up by the cries of a nearby seagull is enough to make anyone never want to return, but there’s something about the sound that I genuinely miss. Maybe it’s the reminder that the coast isn’t a complete voyage away or one of those blissful moments where you’re reminded how lucky you are to live in a city so full of life (okay, that may be pushing it a little). Either way, there’s something so cheerful about hearing a seagull circling above you (unless you have a bag of chips, then that’s your cue to run a mile) that I am genuinely excited to hear once more. 

  1. Komedia  

Komedia is the superior night out. Don’t even question it. Whether it be the old school tunes they blare out on certain nights or the inflatable microphones that you somehow always end up leaving the club with, it’s safe to say we all miss a good night out in Komedia. We do not, however, miss nights out in Bridge. Those can be happily forgotten. 

  1. The Circus, the Royal Crescent and everything in-between 

Being a historic city, the architecture in Bath is full of character and charm. Taking a stroll up by the Royal Crescent is an utterly perfect way to spend a crisp morning and there is something so beautiful about the grandeur of the building that you can’t help but feel happy there. Surrounded by a large green and with Victoria Park nearby, this is a spectacular place to spend time in Bath and I eagerly await being able to wander that area in my spare time. 

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