Best Brunch Spots for a Hangover

Ah, the hangover. The day where you wake up and instantly regret all of last night’s actions. The day that you might as well write off from your calendar as you are unable to function. The day where all you want to do is eat and forget about the antics from the night before. 

We have all been there, my friend, and there is no denying that you find it hard to drag yourself out of bed let alone leave the house. However, if there is one temptation that can lure you from your fort of embarrassment and haze, it is the almighty Brunch. The time where you grab all your besties and discuss the mayhem that occurred a few hours earlier over a good plate of pancakes or avocado toast. Hangover cured. 

Here is a roundup of the best places in Bath to enjoy Brunch. You don’t even need to be hungover to enjoy them, but let’s just assume you are in a perpetual state of hungover-ness … we are at university, after all. 

Pancakes from Beyond The Kale
  1. Beyond the Kale 

Perfect for the vegans and coeliacs among us, this charming café has a phenomenally diverse menu whilst also catering for two of the strictest dietary needs out there. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, try the pancakes – they’re incredible – however if you’re more of a savoury person, they also do a delicious falafel wrap that is sure to take your mind off your hangover. What’s even better, they have jugs of infused water (think cucumber, mint and lemons) on every table – ideal for quenching your thirst after a night on the booze! 

  1. Same-Same but Different 

If you’re searching for the best scrambled eggs in the West country, then look no further. Same-Same But Different serves up the most scrumptious scrambled eggs you’ve ever tasted and even better, they offer well-priced mimosas alongside your brunch. A perfect excuse for a hair of the dog. 

  1. Sweet Little Things 

If you’re fancying a fabulous brunch with an even more fabulous setting, this is the place for you. Downstairs, there is a wall covered entirely in pink flowers with pink velvet sofas to match. There’s even a little swing, if your head – or your stomach – can handle it. The menu is available entirely gluten free and/or vegan, providing a very inclusive menu that is sure to satisfy all tastes. If you need a little sweetening up, their milkshakes are never a bad idea.


Downstairs at Sweet Little Things
  1. Café Au Lait 

Tucked quietly away opposite the train station, Café Au Lait is a cosy little café that serve a gorgeous brunch just moments away from the trains – perfect if you’re travelling home for the weekend and need some sustenance to get you through your hungover journey back. Their menu isn’t dissimilar to that of Sweet Little Things, but the atmosphere is much less pretty-in-pink and more vintage-y, bohemian vibes that attract a lot of Bath’s edgier crowd. 

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