QUIZ: Are you more impostor syndrome or Kanye for President? Take our Ego Check quiz to find out!

On July 4th, Kanye confirmed the launch of his 2020 presidential campaign, neatly coinciding American Independence Day with his very own divorce from reality.

Kanye’s personal philosophy – perhaps best encapsulated by the quote ‘I am a God… hurry up with my damn croissants’ – has thus far proved fairly successful. This has prompted much soul-searching among us lesser mortals: should we all be backing ourselves more? To find out where you fall on the self-belief spectrum, take the quiz below!

Question 1 – You see your dream job advertised on Linkedin, but you’re nowhere near qualified yet. Do you:

  1. Feel silly for even contemplating a job so obviously beyond your capabilities.
  2. Note it down as something to aim for once you’ve got some more experience.
  3. Skip the application, ring the company directly and tell them when you’ll be starting.

Question 2 – You’re at a karaoke night. Do you:

  1. Get blackout drunk to steady your nerves before being forced on stage by your friends, mumble the opening lines of Mr Brightside, and then run away.
  2. Have a couple of drinks, choose a popular belter like ‘I Will Survive’ to get the crowd involved, generally enjoy yourself. 
  3. Take your gold microphone out of its case and treat the audience to a 40-min set of your own music. Say ‘you’re welcome’ and leave immediately.

Question 3 – You’re on a night out. You get chatting to someone, ask for their number but they’re not interested. Do you:

  1. Apologise, run away crying, go straight home. Your ex wakes up to 14 missed calls. 
  2. Smile, leave them alone, continue with your night. You win some you lose some. 
  3. Tell them at length that they’re making a huge mistake, follow them round the club until they leave, write a song about it.

Question 4 – You get feedback from a recent assignment; you’ve not done as well as you’d hoped. Do you:

  1. Immediately consider dropping out. 
  2. Look carefully at the feedback, and maybe meet with your lecturer to discuss how to improve.
  3. Send a 41-page email to your lecturer telling them that you’re ‘the voice of a generation’ and a ‘vessel of God’; ask them if they’d give Jesus a 2:2.

Question 5 – You’re running a bit late for a date. Do you:

  1. Panic, call them to tell them you’d understand if they didn’t want to see you, offer to pay for the entire evening. 
  2. Send a quick apology text, but you’re not too worried.
  3. Say nothing; if they bring it up, say ‘you should be honoured by my lateness’.

Mostly 1. – Kanye handle this?? Your self-esteem is worryingly low. Back yourself hun. What’s the worst that will happen? 

Mostly 2. – Yeezy like Sunday morning – You’ve achieved the balance between self-belief and narcissism, congrats on being all emotionally healthy.

Mostly 3. – No one man should have all that power – You’ve lost all self-awareness and the ability to feel shame or humility. Time to launch your political career!

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