An X-Factor that isn’t trying to exploit you, Prospect 100 presents itself as a novel incubator of talent

By Leora Garling and Matt Kemp

From DMing celebrities to setting up an innovative new global music competition – what characterises Gen Z success?

We find ourselves, on this mid-isolation afternoon, speaking to Harry and Alexandre – two of the three entrepreneurs behind the global music competition built by, and designed for Gen Z. Alexandre, or Millinsky as he’s more often known, is the creative director and co-founder of  the fashion brand NASASEASONS – a passion project fueled by the aesthetic of youth culture. Harry, just as impressive, founded his first business aged just 17 – a marketing agency by the name of OPEN Marketing. He’s gone on to feature in Forbes, present TedX talks and consult on all things Gen Z – an illustrious career for most, let alone a 20-year-old. Having met Adam Flanagan on Facebook via mutual friends, the trio of entrepreneurs joined forces to take Future Labs to the next level. 

Prospect 100 is a talent network like no other. The movement aims to give young people the opportunity to catalyze their passion for music into great success – with competitions for activism, design, engineering, film making and tech coming soon. This digital talent competition differentiates itself from its contemporaries by rethinking how it interacts with talent. For them, talent isn’t an asset insofar as it is something they can expropriate and exploit – it is more something that can inspire a cultural shift through the coming-together of motivated young people. 

When asking both entrepreneurs what kind of talent the competition is looking for, Alexandre stated: ‘Motivation is very important to us, but also passion and uniqueness – people that embrace forward thinking and can bring something new to the table. Innovation is definitely one of the key words we have in mind’. 

Harry follows up by saying that:‘Being able to promote yourself and being a marketer is as important for musicians of this generation as talent and that’s really what we are looking for in this competition’. In other words, in order to be a successful musician, you also need to be a successful entrepreneur. 

Prospect 100 a network of the most talented young Gen-Zers, from their given discipline – a literal 100-person collective of like-minded individuals congregated, to learn from and inspire each other. But how to get down to 100? Well, this is where the trio put their networks and never-take-no attitude to work. The judging panel speaks for itself – Guy Holmes, Rico Nasty, Theophilus London, Matt of Jamiroquai, Emma Banks, Simon of Kaiser Chiefs, Kimberly of Chic… with bigger names potentially on the way. But this isn’t just a judging panel, it’s a prize pool.

 ‘Our aim is to bring together the industry leaders of today’

At entry stage, each contestant is asked to submit their original song as part of a specific genre. From this selection, entries are mapped to judges. The judges will then whittle their allocation of contestants down to the top 100, to the top 20, to the top 5 – with those making it through each stage accruing prizes along the way. One of the prizes for the top 100 contestant is 12 months free access to the paid-music publication service Ditto. The top 5 are all guaranteed mentoring from one of the competition’s judges and, whilst not finalised, Harry tells us there’s also potential for festival slots, recording deals and much more.

Regardless of where they finish, that top 100 will become part of a network of like-minded individuals, passionate and ready to make their dreams reality. As Harry eagerly tells us: ‘Our aim is to bring together the industry leaders of today’. Post-lockdown live events will be held at headquarters of some of the world’s biggest brands – giving those 100 and their peers the opportunity to meet in person, grow their social network and learn from each other.

For the next three weeks, young people from all around the world can enter the competition by submitting an original song online at the following address. The application process only takes 5 minutes and there’s a 25% discount code for Ditto for every applicant. 

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