Sport Socials: The Top 10 Themes

It’s no secret that sport socials are the staple of most student calendars. The Wednesday evening tradition of dressing up and dancing the night away will be sorely missed now that the final whistle has been blown for Score.

In homage to Score, Nicole is taking a look back at this year’s top 10 themes:

10. Hippie

It’s all about promoting love and VK’s at this social, and you get to help all the crying girls in the Score toilets with your flower power clichés. To really capture the theme, dress like a typical Bath Spa student who has just discovered vintage clothing and illicit substances. Don’t forget to throw a peace sign in every pic.

9. White T-Shirt

There’s no excuse to not have the correct costume for this social, just don’t be the idiot wearing your nicest Lacoste polo. Bring a Sharpie and guard it with your life. When you get home count how many phalluses have been scrawled across your back and use it to calculate how unpopular you are. 

8. Tight and Bright

An opportunity to wear your spanks and sweatbands in peace and not be ridiculed like always. You’ll easily locate your fluorescent teammates in Score and also get to enjoy having a lovely, yellow tinge emanating from your face, which you absolutely won’t be able to get rid off for your Thursday 9:15.

7. Pub Golf

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Typically a 9-hole course visiting the best watering holes Bath has to offer (so definitely not the Canon). Perfect for members from Quads who can just dip into their Ralph Lauren collection for that authentic argyle sweater look.

6. Anything but Clothes

Should just be named the ‘Bin Bag Social’ since all you will see are diverse attempts at dresses made from black bags, and we all love any excuse to show some skin. Never has taking out the trash been so fun.

5. Tacky

Time to channel your inner Vicky Pollard. If your hoops don’t double up as a necklace, they aren’t big enough.

4. Mario Kart

If freshers want to gain any sort of respect from their elders, they should familiarise themselves with the large cardboard stash under Norwood and start making a kart fit to withstand the likes of Rainbow Road. 

3. Pair Social

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Grab a buddy and get creative – whether it’s Salt ‘n’ Peps, Kim and Kanye or Glynis and Biscuits (for our OG readers…). Every year someone doesn’t quite get the memo and turns up as the fruit. 

2. Court Social

This social is not so much about the orange convict outfits but rather the tea spilt when your fellow teammates are taken to the stand and charged with various crimes from the season. So if you find yourself spewing on a teammate or necking on with your coach at Score, prepare to get called out for it at the last social of the year… 

1. Bath Superheroes

Forget those haunting childhood memories of Edna Mode saying “no capes” and get hammered like Thor for this Blue and Gold themed bonanza. Be a true hero and make sure your mates get home.

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