Bath’s most romantic parks

Editors note: this was written prior to the coronavirus outbreak and therefore may not reflect the current situation

Royal Victoria Park

Right below the Royal Crescent this park is often buzzing with activities, whether that is a fairground during the summer or Bootcamp classes on a cold Saturday morning. For those of you who live in Oldfield, you can also access the park over the Victoria Bridge path for greater convenience than having to go all the way into town to just go back out. If you’re coming from campus or live in the city, I would recommend heading up to walk around the Circus and Royal Crescent first to get those iconic Bath Instagram stories to make your friends from home jealous. From there, you can simply head down Marlborough Lane and turn right into Royal Victoria Park. 

The true beauty of Royal Victoria Park is the Botanical Gardens located to the West of the park. There are many benches along the gardens for you to sit on and enjoy the Bath spring. My favourite place is to sit on the bridge overlooking the little pond they have next to the Temple of Minerva. Until the 22ndApril, every second and fourth Wednesday of the month there is a volunteer gardening opportunity where you can drop by and help out. If getting down and dirty isn’t really your style though, there is still plenty to enjoy whilst walking around the garden.

Alexandra Park

This Oldfield Park secret has the most beautiful views over Bath of any other spot in the city. You can reach there through the roads suggested by Google Maps, however, there is also a small path stairway that leads up to the park if you head behind the train station and walk along that path. The staircase is quite steep though, so beware you might not be able to hold a good conversation whilst climbing them! Sitting on the benches overlooking Bath you can find a perfect make-out spot or time to have deep conversations about the universe. It can be quite entertaining trying to discern what buildings you can see from town and even funnier to find where you live (if you live in the city). My recommendation would be to do this walk in the early to late evening to be able to see all the pretty lights from the city (optionally, you can bring a bottle of wine too). 

Parade Gardens

Most people have seen this park if they have ever caught the U1. However, many get discouraged from going in due to the toll to enter. What most don’t know, is that if you are a University of Bath (or Bath Spa, we don’t judge) student and you show your library card, it is free for you to enter. This park has the benefit of being on the river so you can sit down and lap up the Bath beauty on one of the many benches facing Pulteney Bridge. To the North, there is a sheltered area and a bandstand in the middle if you get caught in the rain. Despite being in the middle of the city centre it has the beauty of being very serene and when caught in the right weather, very summery.

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