Happier Every Day

Life is busy. We all have good days and some not-so-good ones, especially when deadlines are approaching, so here are 10 habits that make me a little happier everyday:

1.     Listen to an upbeat song

As tempting as it is when you wake up tired on a gloomy day to put on the playlist you made after your last break up and wallow, don’t. Music really does affect how we feel, so do yourself a favour and start your day with a bit more Lizzo and a bit less Lana.

2.     Wear your favourite underwear

Don’t wait for a special occasion to arise, wear underwear that makes you feel good every day. Bin those awful pants your mum bought you 5 years ago and start investing in underwear that makes you feel comfortable, co-ordinated and/or sexy. Whether it’s all black, or a bit fancy, it’s a little special something that can bring joy to your regular day.

3.     Smile more

woman holding sliced watermelon

Smiling alleviates stress, boosts your immune system and lowers your blood pressure, to mention just a few benefits. It is also contagious, so make sure to smile at your friends, strangers and even at yourself when you check your appearance in the windows of 6 East – it’ll make all of your days a little brighter.

4.     Eat good food

Treat your body well, eat with variety and eat what makes you feel good. It doesn’t have to be an indulgence – you could just take a minute to really appreciate that jackfruit sandwich you buy literally every day in your meal deal. Or you could buy yourself a mid-afternoon cake? It’s all self-love.

5.     Unfollow someone on Instagram

Many of us follow someone online who makes us feel kinda crap. Maybe they’re an ex, or a friend you met while travelling, whose photos of retreats in Bali turn you green with envy the morning after an all-nighter to finish some coursework. Don’t feel bad, just do yourself a favour and unfollow. It’ll probably make your morning Insta-scroll a bit more enjoyable. 

6.     Make your bed

You know what they say about successful people making their beds. Well it’s true. It’ll start your day off right, make your bedroom feel less chaotic when you return to sleep and get you at least halfway to the centre of the successful people/morning bed maker Venn diagram.

7.     Message a friend

If you’re swamped with work and deadlines, it can be easy to slip out of regular socialisation – so don’t forget to phone a friend if you need a hand or just want a catch-up. Everything is more fun with a pal by your side!

8.     Call your family

Just to tell them you love them and to catch up on their day. It can be comforting to touch base with family members who will love you no matter the outcome of the mediocre report you just handed in.

9.     Pet a dog

Does this even need explaining?!

adult yellow Labrador retriever inside black plastic basin

10.  Exercise

Endorphins, health, socialisation, etc. – you’ve heard it all before, exercise makes you happier. Whether you join the gym, a sports club or those crazy early morning joggers, make it a priority to find time to break a little sweat.

Every day has the potential to be a good day. We can’t control a lot of what happens or the tasks we have to do, but the key is finding a little joy often. Look at your actions and think like Marie Kondo; does that spark joy? If not, ditch the habit, buy yourself a cake, and be a little happier every day.

Editor’s note: These self-help tips were put together before the Covid-19 outbreak. We hope these tips are helpful during this uncertain time. Although gyms are now closed, you can still exercise at home! We’d recommend tuning into the SU’s daily exercise videos.

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