Pints, Penalties and Plenty of Tries: Bath Time’s Top Pubs for the Six Nations

As the second semester begins, one of the most historic rugby tournaments also kicks into action; and it doesn’t involve the Bath Uni BUCS team. You would think they’re the only rugby team alive if you didn’t live outside of Bath.

It’s safe to say that the Six Nations has entertained rugby fans since 2000 – your mum and dad probably refuse to call it anything other than the ‘Five Nations’ and fondly remember the days when the Italians didn’t win the Wooden Spoon annually. 

But for me, watching the rugby is an event itself; waking up and rummaging through your cupboard to find your jersey of choice, ironing it out and heading to your nearest boozer for plenty of pints, penalties and pub snacks.

However, each week we are faced with a serious dilemma – which pub are we off to? Well, have no fear; we will be counting down the best pubs in Bath so you don’t have to kick yourself every week (pun definitely intended).

The Canon:

The pub formerly known as Molloy’s has a strong reputation for its live sport, and I can’t fault it. Plenty of choice in pints here, with a cracking food selection. I’m not a fan of the gigantic projector and its poor resolution – but the game is more important. Get there nice and early to avoid the tsunami of patrons.

Trowbridge House:

This one’s for the boys and girls of Southdown. Why would you even want to trek all the way into town when you have a friendly, old-school establishment smack bang in the middle of Coronation Avenue? Pints are relatively cheap, and there is a strong possibility that you might get some free food from the barman.


I love a good chain bar, but it feels wrong watching the rugby in Belushi’s. You can get away with the football in here, but the atmosphere of the match is immediately lost when someone from the hostel is buying toothpaste at the bar when you’re immersed in a good old meaty scrum.

The Lamb and Lion:

I once met a man called TJ in the Lamb and Lion. He told me that he hates rugby usually, but has to go to the Lamb and Lion during the Six Nations. This establishment has the ability to turn the most ‘anti-rugby’ fan into a bona fide aficionado of the sport. The staff are really friendly, and the offer of proper pub grub makes this a spot worthy of this list.

The Plug and Tub:

Ah, the Plug and Tub. I fondly remember screaming at the top of my voice as a Fresher during the England vs Wales match, only for England to ruin my evening following a try from Jonny May. You can’t really go wrong with the Plug – would love it if there were more chairs, but then again I’m just a lazy chap who gets heart palpitations when he sweats.

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