Best Dates in Bath

Whether you’re looking for Valentines Inspiration or where to meet your Tinder date for the first time, Bath has something to fit every mood. In this article, Chloe Coules explores the beautiful, fun, and quirky places you should go for your next date in Bath.

Bath Skyline Walk/Sham Castle

The Skyline walk is the perfect way to take in all the beautiful scenery that Bath has to offer. Grab a picnic and make a day of it, making sure you stop off at Sham Castle to watch the sunset over the city. If you don’t fancy conquering the hills, Sham Castle is just a short walk away from campus. Romance doesn’t have to cost money, and this place is testament to that. Your date will love the beautiful views and the chance to get some peaceful one-on-one time away from the bustle of town / campus. 

Catch a movie at Little Theatre Cinema

Cinema dates are a classic, but big chain cinemas are pretty lacking in romance and character. This is what makes Little Theatre Cinema stand out in Bath. Tucked away in a beautiful old building, this theatre has been a favourite place to escape in our city since the 1930s, and it’s obvious why. With its cosy décor and emphasis on showing the best that cinema has to offer, it’s a perfect date spot if you love the art of film. 

Relax at the Thermae Spa 

The Thermae Spa is guaranteed to make your date feel special, and you also get to treat yourself to some much-needed relaxation between deadlines – it’s a win-win. With its rooftop pool overlooking Bath and its luxury wellness suite, it’s an incredible and relaxing experience from start to finish. Whilst it might be a bit excessive for a first date, it’s perfect for showing that special person how much they mean to you. It might seem completely out of a student’s price range, but with the Twilight package you get a three-hour spa session and a meal with a glass of wine or beer each, for around £50. Go on, you deserve it!

Coffee and cake at the Salt Cave Café

A coffee date is great to get to know someone new without too much pressure, and the Salt Cave Café is a great place to do this. It stands out from all the other cafes in Bath because of its room made entirely of salt, that’s supposed improve your health and mood. They serve a range of Whittard’s luxury hot chocolates, cakes, toasties and snacks, all at very reasonable prices. If you fancy stepping things up a notch you can also rent out the salt room for only £10 an hour, during which time they turn up the heat to maximise the benefits and serve you tea.  

Get active at Better Leisure Centre

If you live for your morning gym session and the way to your heart is your endorphins, Better Leisure centre provides some great active dates for you. Their new trampoline park has loads of fun features including a wipe-out area where you can battle your friends, foam pits and a dodge ball court. They also have a bowling alley, complete with a classic diner, serving slushies and burgers. This place would be great if you are looking for something fun and casual, or for introducing your new date to your friends. 

Dance the night away at a local gig

Most Bath students have been on many a club night to Moles, but its also a great place to discover new local bands. Since opening in the 70s, Moles has championed the live music scene in Bath, hosting everyone from The Smiths to Oasis, so you’re guaranteed to be entertained and impress your date with your music taste. You can have a few drinks and get to know each other in the bar upstairs, or off show your dance moves in the basement. Either way, it’s a low-pressure date and you’ll create great memories together, and maybe even discover a new favourite band. 

Splash out on gin cocktails at the Canary

The Canary offers a seasonal menu of themed gin cocktails that are breathtakingly beautiful and delicious, even managing to convert some of the biggest gin-haters I know. The cosy and warm décor make for a romantic setting, and the staff are incredibly knowledgeable about the gin they sell. Whilst it’s on the pricier end, it’s worth splashing out over once in a while!

Impress them with your art knowledge at the Victoria Gallery

The Victoria Art Gallery is home to a great collection of work, which you can explore for free. You’ll have plenty to talk about looking around all of the exhibits and exploring the different rooms. They also have lots of free events such as behind-the-scenes art store tours, talks, and special guest exhibits. 

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