A letter for Tomorrow – if Tomorrow exists for ‘people of talent’

Over 6 weeks on from the UK general election, we look at the aftereffects felt by some students. In this opinion piece, Eunice Neto writes about the pain she felt waking up to a Conservative majority on the morning of December the 13th.

We have woken up to a Conservative majority in the House of Commons. Again, it feels like the morning announcement of Brexit: silence in the streets, and young people storming to social media; some in glee, others in tears. 

Again, we have woken up to a Conservative majority in the House of Commons. The more I write, the less it feels like a reality I am in. To those who voted Labour, Lib Dem and the Green party, this is a moment of mourning. We wanted a change. Young people wanted a change, the NHS wanted a change, universities wanted a change. Here we are, almost 10 years later with the same government that 1. Gave us Brexit 2. Increased austerity 3. Favoured the few and not the many. 

So, what does this means? For those who voted Conservative, a congratulations will be given in due course. But for what is this congratulations due? We are congratulating you on reducing multiculturalism in university environments. Your friends who hold a Tier 4 Visa will now be treated like scum because once again, the ‘other’ has no place in this country. 

We are congratulating you on leaders that have let homelessness rise to a ridiculous level – one that should not exist given the UK is one of the top 5 richest economies in the world. We are congratulating you on the cuts to education that is felt by universities, secondary schools, primary schools and research institution because ‘people of talent’ have to be regulated. 

The last congratulations has to go to the young people who voted Conservative because Grenfell wasn’t home to you, the food bank was never going to supply your food, or the fact that British jobs are now safe from the claws of the ‘other’. 

So, congratulations for continuing their legacy of ten years of cuts, austerity and regulation of immigration. Thank you from the ‘people of talent’. Thank you from the ‘letterbox women’. We give the upmost thank you from the ‘piccaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’. We cannot wait to go through another 4 – 5 years of nationwide austerity and lack of funding. 

In the words of Tolani Shoneye from the award-winning podcast ‘the Receipts’, ‘what you don’t hear, you will feel’.

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