Strike On, Teach Out: Swap Out the Lecture Hall for the Pub

From 25 to 29 November, staff and students from the University of Bath will be putting political theory into practice as part of Strike On, Teach Out. Due to the UCU strikes called from the 25 November to 4 December, many of the timetabled seminars and lectures will be cancelled as academic staff walk out over cuts to their pensions, pay devaluation, increased casualisation and the gender pay gap.

However, keen to support the strikes and continue the debate and learning usually offered by the University, a group of students are working with their lecturers to create a week of Teach Out sessions off campus, in more casual venues such as the Bell Inn. Teach Out gives the lecturers and students an opportunity to engage with learning in a different way – one which is more, interactive , casual and hopefully engaging. Sessions will generally be very short talks followed by discussions focused around issues that are relevant to the strike and activism, lead by the concerns of students. 

Themes across the week include the future of higher education, the climate strike, and fighting racism. Similar sessions were run in Bath during the 2018 pension strikes, and were hugely popular.

Those behind the Teach Out are keen for staff and students to remain united during the disruptive strike period. ‘The staff’s fight impacts the students as our working conditions are their learning conditions. We are one university.’

For more information about Strike On , Teach Out, please take a look at our Facebook page.

For more information on why your lecturers are striking, take a look at Cathi Westall’s article explaining what the UCU strikes are and how they will affect you.

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