General Election Campaign Update: Wednesday 20th November

From pacts to promises, buses and betrayal, this week’s election drama is more exciting than an episode of Corrie. 

Shortly before candidate nominations closed on the 12thof November, Farage announced that the Brexit party would not be contesting the Conservatives in 317 seats across the UK, in order to avoid splitting the Leave vote.  Claims of the Tories bribing Brexit party candidates ensued the announcement. Farage has since spoken out stating that Brexit party candidates were offered peerages if they stood down. Although the supposed offer came from deep inside Number 10, Farage seems to believe that the Prime Minister wasn’t involved. 

The Conservative party unveiled their battle bus this week. Following the last bus disaster, Boris kept it simple with a slogan saying: ‘Back Boris and vote Conservative to…Get Brexit Done.’ In a battle of the buses, the Fck Boris campaign drove one through the streets of Uxbridge, pumping out rave music and trying to get the students of Brunel to register to vote in an attempt to unseat Boris in his constituency. 

More policies have been revealed this week. Labour has promised free superfast broadband for every home in country by 2030, this would be funded for by taxing multinational tech companies. Boris dismissed Corbyn’s plans as a “crazed communist scheme”. Corbyn also promised to make dental checkups completely free. Other parties have been focusing on the environment with the Conservatives promising to plant 30 million trees by 2025 while the Lib Dems have promised to plant 60 million. The Green party has announced they will appoint a “carbon chancellor” to allocate the £100bn per year they have pledged for tackling the “climate emergency” if they are elected to power.

The NHS is a big issue in any UK election, and this one proves no different. After a decade of cuts, A&E waiting times in England are worst on recordwith staff shortages across the country.  Boris Johnson has been touring UK hospitals, framing the NHS as a priority for the Conservative party who is pledging to increase the total budget by 3.4%. Determined not to be outdone by the Conservatives, Labour are promising an increase in budget of £5.5 billion, funded by higher taxes. The Conservatives have also expressed their intention to extend the NHS surcharge to all non-UK residents after Brexit

Boris Johnson has gotten himself caught up in some shady activity. The Observer revealed thatJohnson met with an ex-KGB agentin Italy when he was Foreign Secretary only two days after attending a high-level NATO summit focused on Russia. The revelation arrived amid ongoing angst over why Downing Street chose to suppress a secret intelligence report on possible Russian interference in the UK democratic process. 

In a recent interview with Andrew Marr, Corbyn’s presence was met with mixed reviews. His unwillingness to state whether he would like the UK to remain in the EUleft members of the public questioning the validity of Labour’s Remain stance. Corbyn only promised to ensure a close relationship with the EU, ultimately putting the final decision to the people.  

Party’s immigration plans have made headlines this week. The Tories vow to cut immigration and ‘take back control’ of borders. Brexit secretary, Steve Barclay, was rinsed on Twitter by Gary Lineker after a clueless tweet where he claimed Brexit would allow the FA and the Premier League to choose if they want more players from Brazil, Argentina or Africa or if they want more English qualified players playing for England.

There are 8 days left to register to vote in the General Election, so make sure you register soon to get the chance to have your say over our next government. 

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