Lime Tree Pizza Review

The Lime Tree Refectory is one of the first things you see when you enter campus, and if you go in the entrance closest to the Chancellor’s Building, the Pizza Station is the first thing you see. Convenient, quick and relatively good on price it could be argued that Lime Tree pizza is one of the best options for food on campus. Beloved not just by freshers, but all years in need of a quick bite to eat. 

Options: There is a wide selections of 11 inch (on average) pizza available from standard options such as Margherita and Pepperoni, more expensive options such as Piri Piri and even Hawaiian, featuring the controversial pineapple on pizza combo. Currently they offer 14 Pizzas, with options of making your own, and two garlic bread options meaning there is a large choice with flexibility to accommodate dietary requirements, such as offering vegan pizza. Another element of the Pizza that should not go without mention its option to eat or in take out. With regards to the takeout box it is 100% biodegradable whilst also having clear instructions on the side of the box on how to re-heat the pizza, making it safe and environmentally friendly as well as practical. 

Price: Whilst it can be agued that most food stalls at university have premiums put on them for the sole reason of being on site, prices at Lime Tree range from as little as £2.45 for garlic bread (50p extra for cheese), £5.95 for a Margherita and to their most expensive pizza at £8.25, either Piri Piri or Capriccosa. This means that whatever your budget, there is a Pizza to suit your needs.   

Service: Of all the times I have had pizza and the four times I went in two days to ‘research’ for this article I found the service to be quick and of superb quality. On average pizzas took about 5 minutes during what could be considered off peak times and during the peak of lunchtime and at the end of the day anywhere between five and ten minutes, depending on the rush. Whilst not the fastest food option on campus, to have an entire pizza freshly made in 5 minutes is very efficient. 

Overall I would give Lime Tree Pizza a 9/10. Offering a wide variety of Pizzas throughout the day, Lime Tree is one of the most accessible and convenient options on campus. Being reasonably priced it caters for any student, whether you’re grabbing a quick bite to eat or a sit down meal, and with options to have in or to take out it is the perfect option for any occasion.

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