BREAKING NEWS: University of Bath lecturers strike

The University of Bath is set to be hit by strikes for eight days from Monday, 25 November to Wednesday, 4 December 2019. 

It has been revealed this afternoon, by the University and College Union (UCU) that university lecturers from 60 universities across the United Kingdom will be taking strike action for eight days at the end of the month. This comes after a failed set of negotiations surrounding changes to both the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), which would leave many lecturers worse off in retirement, as well as failures to make improvements on ‘pay, equality, casualisation and workloads’. Bath lecturers voted in favour of the two motions and will therefore be going out on strike to demand changes in both areas. 

For two years running the University of Bath has been hit by lecturers strikes surrounding pensions and what they have described as declining work conditions. In previous years, according to regulations, staff going out on strike are not obliged to tell the University nor students if they intend to go on strike and have the right to change their position until the end of the strike. Similarly, whilst many lecturers did, they are not obliged to provide students with learning materials during this period nor reschedule the original lecture leaving many students missing hours of contact. 

It is yet unclear how many Bath lecturers will be expected to go out on strike in this first round, nor how many courses will be affected. It is likely that the University will issue a statement in the next coming days for student guidance, with more information to follow. 

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