Finding ourselves lost in the void that is the post-exam, pre-summer ball week, we approached the Plug to ask which bagels were the most popular, and which combinations of fillings surprised them the most. We then set out to test the most popular and most bizarre bagel filling combos in a lunch break that would leave us unable to eat for another two days. Love this!

Bacon and Brie


The kingpin of the bagel realm, we were reliably informed this was the most ordered bagel combination, and, given that it’s us that do most of the ordering,we weren’t surprised.

The gloopy brie engulfs the bacon, the crispiness of which varies on an hourly basis, to create a heartwarming combination that could heal your worst hangovers or the most damning of heartbreaks. However, it will more likely put you in a food coma so crippling you end up stuck on an SU sofa until Happy Hour begins 4 hours later – that’s how they get you.

Bacon and mozzarella


If this is your order then we pose to you one simple question: what are you doing with your life?

The bacon & brie coupling can prove sloppy and inappropriate for impromptu bagel dates or other scenarios where you’re looking to preserve your image of purity and perfection throughout your lunch break. That said, we’re students. Give it up. Mozzarella is unequivocally not as good as brie, you shouldn’t care about your image to the extent that you pick second rate cheeses and make second rate life decisions – be better.

Houmous, Peppers & Avocado


On a mission to save penguins and planets? This is the bagel for you. The houmous acts as a concrete foundation enabling the complex variety of flavours from the veggie favourites to shine through. The quality and form of avocado rivalled Bath’s internationally competitive brunch reputation and frankly if the SU delivered this quality across the board, it could rival any Kingsmead Square establishment in the city centre.

Chicken & Avocado


Upon first appearance the chicken appeared frighteningly dry, we didn’t have high hopes. However, the taste did surprise. Again the avocado proved a driving force in this bagel’s high ranking, but the mediocrity of the chicken somewhat limited its potential despite being more succulent than initially expected. To be truthful, our amateurish approach to this review showed with this bagel, a sauce is very much required and could up the ranking of this bagel to a strong 8.

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese


According to our official sources, this combination also proves one of the more popular combinations, again unsurprising given the lack of inspiration involved in the decision-making process leading to this outcome, and the lack of art courses at the University. While the cheese-to-salmon ratio may have been off-kilter, the quality of both fillings was acceptable, resulting in a slightly-above-average bagel – somewhat representative of Bath University you might add. However, the addition of sweet-chili sauce was a game changer, making a coming together of flavours that could easily rival the top dog bacon and brie.

Smoked Salmon & Bacon


I’m sorry, what did I just read?

We had that exact thought, who on earth comes up with this? We received information suggesting this was a “more popular than expected” bagel combination, although we now question the reliability of our sources & whether or not they were having fun winding us up.

This bagel sounds repulsive, looks disgusting, but tastes… acceptable. We were shocked too. The two meaty components weld themselves together, with the salty bacon continuously overpowering the salmon, although it did push its way through occasionally to remind you of its presence. We would by no means recommend ordering this, but it was edible. We didn’t feel too well afterward but that could have been because we’d eaten 6 bagels in one sitting.

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