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RATED: Flapjack Clap-back: Your favourites reviewed by us.

Over 100 comments later and we are returning to set the record straight on flapjacks.

Bath Time went back to Fresh to pick up more ‘jacks that our readers recommended. The flavours reviewed today are from ‘Ma Baker’ and on the whole have a tighter texture than the ones we last reviewed. Extra marks for portability. None of these flapjacks were sickly sweet, either.

A good start, then. But should Ma Baker be ‘Our Baker’ of choice for sweet oaty treats?

CHOCOLATE & ORANGE – ‘You can ci-trust me’

What you said: “Absolute power snack”, “It was all about the choc orange”, “Glorious”

Actual: 8/10

A ‘jack that would make Terry himself proud. We like how the orange flavour is noticeable, but doesn’t steal the spotlight.  We like how the oats are perfumed with orange, but not inundated. We like how the dark chocolate topping adds a touch of sophistication to the whole affair. We like this flapjack.

MANGO – ‘Man go crazy about this flapjack’

What you said: “Mango ‘out-fruits’ the raspberry jack”

Actual: 7/10

The most exotic ‘jack we’ve tested, 100%. We were pleasantly surprised by the little chunks of what seems like real dried mango, which, in the words of Charles Boyle, gives these oats “tang for days”. We still prefer the more familiar flavours of the raspberry, but this is a strong contender.

CHOCOLATE & CARAMEL – ‘The Jazzy ‘Jack’

What you said: “Outrage” that it wasn’t on the previous list

Actual: 7/10

Ma Baker has got the dark chocolate layer pinned down- both literally and figuratively. What you’ll find here is a layer of fine choc, stuck to a slightly thinner oat base by a caramel adhesive. The chocolate’s slight bitterness offsets some of the sweet caramel. All these bells and whistles make this a treat but not an everyday workhorse. Too jazzy.

PISTACHIO – ‘Not taking the pis-tachio’

What you said: “No pistachio, no party”

Rating: 6/10

Being wheat free and vegan friendly, the pistachio makes a promising start… but sadly it fails to make a spectacle. This is by no means a bad ‘jack; it’s a no-nonsense, reliable package that does the job. But it lacks sparkle. If this flapjack was a party, it’d be a work do: fun, but at the end of the day, your boss is still there.

APRICOT & YOGHURT – ‘Apricot me in a ‘meh’ mood’

What you said: “Will always have a place in my heart”

Actual: 4/10

This was brought to our attention by Katie, who was “very impressed at the dedication” in the previous review piece. We thank Katie, and dedicate this flapjack to her, but, sadly, we wish her taste in flapjacks was as fine as her taste in journalistic investigations. The apricot brings good things to the party, with little dried pieces dotted throughout the oats. The yoghurt is fine. But there is something unsettling about their flavour combination- not awful, but not our first ‘jack of choice.

BANANA YOGHURT – ‘Yoghurt to avoid this’

What you said: “This is just incorrect there is no banananana”, “no banana [heartbreak emoji]”

Rating: 2/10

A poor, poor show. If you didn’t know this was banana, the taste wouldn’t make you any wiser. It tastes borderline-repugnant, and does not work well at all with the heavy, dense and dry flapjack format. The acceptable yoghurt topping rescues this one from Bakewell-level infamy, but still: as Rihanna famously said, “Ba-na-na, makes a terrible flapjack”.

A final special note to Amy: our apologies, your “thic boi” salted caramel was sadly sold out.

You can read our original flapjack review here.

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