As the final semester draws to a close, we can wave a hearty goodbye to exams, projects and all of the dreaded group work that made our souls ache. After enduring a month of misery, revision and endless cups of coffee, we can well and truly throw all of our revision notes in the bin and enjoy Summer Ball.

We all want to dress up and look our best at Summer Ball — after all, our exams will be no more and it’s a night of dancing, drinking and having a fabulous time with friends. Bath Time turned to two of our most fashionably aware contributors to rescue all of you out there who are spending more time on ASOS than Moodle. Chloe and Matt present some light advice followed by more in-depth analysis to see you safely through the pinnacle of black-tie season. Matt’s article on top tips for styling a suit can be found here.

Don’t be afraid to shop the sales

Sales are somewhat like marmite; you either love them or hate them. I think they’re a great way to shop, as the prices are much lower and you’re more likely to land an item that isn’t fresh off a mannequin that everybody is wearing. The key is to dedicate a long amount of time sifting through the sale racks to ensure you don’t miss anything! They can indeed by quite hit-or-miss, but if you give it a chance you may actually find the perfect outfit at a fraction of the price!

Avoid typical high street stores

Ever had that nightmare where you turn up to an event in the same outfit as someone else? Me too. If you don’t want to risk being somebody’s identical twin for the evening, steer clear from shopping in your typical high street stores, like Topshop, New Look or River Island. Try shopping somewhere a little different (might I interest you in a charity shop?), or at least a shop that has a large variety to choose from.

Go for an on-trend colour

If you really want to be eye-catching at this year’s Summer Ball, choose a colour palette that’s on trend right now, so you can channel your inner fashionista. This summer, it’s all about yellows, pastels (baby pink and lilac) and beige tones; so coordinating your outfit per these colours will ensure that you look fresh off the runway!

Raid your mum, sister or grandmother’s old wardrobe

Unless your family members’ dress sense is absolutely diabolical, it wouldn’t hurt to raid their wardrobes for a little bit of inspiration. You may come across a pretty top or a cool dress that you could style right for Summer Ball. It’s even better if they’ve kept clothes from when they were younger, so the chances are those clothes will fit a little better and who doesn’t love vintage, anyway?


It’s true that accessories can either make or break your outfit. If your clothes are quite plain, without pattern and in need of a little extra sparkle, try sprucing it up with a pretty hair accessory or a statement necklace. You don’t have to spend the big bucks on these either; Primark actually sell a lovely variety of belts, bags and jewelry that could absolutely do the trick!

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