Photo Credits: Elena Oliinyk for Bath Pizza Co.

Review: Bath Pizza Co.

Some days, we need a fancy dinner out: the kind that requires a particular type of clothing, thought, and generally, a reservation made well in advance. Other days, we just need to get out of the house after a long day of revision, sick just at the idea of having to eat another ready meal, having to cook, or resigning to a meal made up of toast and peanut butter. All you need is an easy-going and affordable place to get a meal in the company of friends, somewhere you can just show up and know you are going to get the experience you need. If that is what you are looking for (particularly during this busy exam season), Bath Pizza Co. is your best bet.

Set in the beautiful surroundings of Green Park Station, Bath Pizza Co. is the queen of casual dining. They do not accept bookings, allowing you to purely just swing by after a long day on campus, sit down, and enjoy a calming dinner experience (no meditation app comes close). The nice setting nicely also helps, taking you out from your hectic day to enjoy what really is incredible pizza.

I am Italian, so I take pizza very seriously. Eating in the UK has been a daily Russian roulette, especially when it comes to dishes of national pride, like pizza, and throughout my almost-five years here, I have seen things that no Italian should be allowed to see. Naturally, I was sceptical of all the good things my friends had told me about Bath Pizza Co. – however, I must say I was beyond pleased.

The first thing I notice is the crust – I don’t have time for overinflated crusts that basically could make a meal of their own. The true crust is thin and crispy, and Bath Pizza Co. stood to the challenge. The Pizza (yes, capital P) as a whole was amazing – the single best sign of an amazing pizza is that you don’t feel extremely heavy after eating (looking at you, Domino’s) – and, after this experience, I felt really good, which has been a rarity for me and English pizza.

Good location? Tick. Good food? Tick. What else? It is also friendly to our empty student pockets: they have deals at £6, £10 and £12.50 on weekdays (for details, check out, including food and a drink. They also like to keep their atmosphere vibrant and unique by hosting music events, which sometimes includes our very own MusicSoc.

Bath Pizza Co., apart from serving simply awesome pizza, provides a unique and casual experience for all situations. If you’re feeling stressed, or just need to leave the house or campus to enjoy a good meal and zone out a bit, look no further. This is the place to eat.

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