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6 Best Flapjacks in Fresh: Flapjack Attack

From a mention in Shakespeare’s finest works, to being royally messed up by James Acaster in Bake-Off, the humble flapjack has a rich heritage envied by the likes of Belvita Soft Bakes and the Cadbury’s Brunch Bar.  Though defined as “a sweet, tray-baked oat bar”, the flapjack is more than this: it’s a classic, one from the food tech kitchens of schools to the sweet snack stocks of British citizens.

In Fresh Express, you’ll find a dozen varieties of flavoured, locally produced flapjacks. But which should you invest your 89p in?

Welcome to your quick guide to the latest flapjacks available at Fresh.

ORIGINAL – ‘Postman Jack’

Rating: 6/10

No unnecessarily exotic flavours, no infusions, no fancy features. If you like flapjacks, you’ll like this, because it will always deliver. The right level of sweetness and good quality oats make the Original a solid foundation.

RASPBERRY GIANT – ‘The Fruity Jack’

Rating: 7.5/10

Off the bat, upon opening the Raspberry Giant, you are struck with an unmistakably fruity, jammy scent. This flapjack may be a bit of a hit or miss – its fruity flavour is strong and sharp, almost to the point of acidity. But for raspberry fans (and flapjack thrill-seekers) this might well be the best option.

CHERRY & COCONUT – ‘The Jack Sheep of the Family’

Rating: 5/10

A more exotic flavour combination, cherry and coconut promises a new level of flapjack. And it would deliver… if it were only executed better. The cherries are poorly distributed, and the coconut lends a grittiness to the oaty texture. However, when you do strike a cherry, it packs a powerful punch of juicy flavour.

CHOC CHIP – ‘Chip off the ol’ Jack’

Rating: 8/10

This one promises more than just chocolate chips; with each bite, you are indulged with a chocolate flavour whose creaminess prevents it from becoming too sweet. The chips, which are delightful little parcels, are well distributed, and there are notes of chocolate in the oats, too.

WHITE CHOCOLATE –  ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Flapjack’

Rating: 8.5

On appearances, the layer of solid white chocolate resting on the flapjack may seem like overkill and potentially too sweet. But fortunately, like a thin milky bar, this layer added some delight to the regular flapjack. The most dessert-like of the flapjacks, this may be the most calorific, but it’s arguably the tastiest.

BAKEWELL – ‘Jack the Lad’

Rating: 1/10

The Bakewell white topping rippled with chocolate makes this the best looking flapjack. But immediately, the sickly sweet scent foreshadows the regrettable journey on which your tastebuds are about to embark. The fudge topping, layered on top of strawberry jam, makes for an experience so sweet that it alone could raise Tate Sugar’s share price. With the almond flavour on top of this, the Bakewell tries to do too much – yet doesn’t do much.

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