Bath Student Asylum Request Rejected

Mohammad Seddiqian, current MSc Medical Biosciences student at Bath, has recently had his asylum application rejected by the Home Office.

A petition has been launched by Alisha Lobo, SU Community Officer, asking the Home Office to #LetMohammadStay, the petition can be found here.

Mohammad is an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, the rejection of his application means that he can no longer study in the UK, meaning he cannot access learning resources, attend lectures, or submit assignments.

In a statement quoted on the petition, Mohammad describes that he is “passionate about science for its greater potential in changing peoples lives”. Mohammad has also outlined his interest in conducting cancer research, specifically melanoma which is a type of skin cancer. He hopes that this interest will define his future ambitions as a researcher and lecturer.

‘All students here are integral members of our community that are worth defending and fighting for. Mohammad is being subjected by poor decisions made by the Home Office, decisions that are grounded in the xenophobic attitudes of this government. It is a critical time where we need to come together as a community to show our support and solidarity to those whose right to live and study here which is being threatened with poor justification.’

Alisha Lobo, Community Officer SU Bath

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