Glynis Portrait Remains Missing as Story Hits National Press

Earlier this month, Bath Time discovered that a recently unveiled portrait of Ex-Vice-Chancellor Dame Glynis Breakwell cost the University over £16,000.

Bath Time can confirm that the artwork remains hidden and its current location remains a secret. In response to questions surrounding this, a spokesperson for the University stated:
“The painting is awaiting installation, over the next few months, alongside portraits of our other former Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors.”

This coming after the painting was hung in 4West, only to be swiftly removed after a Bath Time article announced its presence.

The artist, Josh Waterhouse, appears to have removed images of the painting and the unveiling event from his Facebook account.

The University response to the previous article revealed that the process for procuring the artwork was conducted only by the University Secretary and the previous Chair of Council, Thomas Sheppard, who also moved on from his role amid the recent governance scandal faced by the University.

This story has now gained national traction, with coverage from The Times, The Daily Mail, and the Tab emerging this morning.

Both the Times and the Daily Mail chose to focus their headlines around “student anger”. Meanwhile, our article recieved only two comments:

There are portraits of other ex-Vice Chancellors, so why would putting a further one up be an issue? If anything, should we not be glad that now there’s a female face to add to that wall?


If it was all authorised properly why take it down? Spending thousands on a painting is questionable but it’s 100 times worse if no one even gets to see it.


It appears that after the various governance issues seen at the University, student expectations have been lowered to a point where such misspending is almost acceptable.

In response to this article, Eve Alcock, SU President, stated:

In a climate where we’re lobbying for more money for mental health and well-being initiatives or bursaries and financial support, this news comes as a huge insult to the students. It highlights just how much governance reform was needed, because this was signed off between a small group of people with no check or balance.

Eve Alcock

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