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Halal Meat Now Available on Campus

The absence of Halal meat in the city of Bath and the university campus had been a constant issue for many Muslim students living here. Halal meat is a dietary standard for Muslims in which the animal is slaughtered with one swift motion in the name of God. The only options of eating Halal were hoping campus cafeterias had Halal chicken options for lunch, making midnight trips to Al-falafel or trekking all the way to Bristol to buy raw meat. This issue did not only affect current students but also prospective students who came on open days and assessed the availability of Halal food on campus. Students in Bath struggled with this issue for countless years until this March. 

At the start of the 2018/2019 academic year, the Bath University Islamic Society (BUIS) committee and the Alisha Lobo, the SU Community Officer, met up and discussed the range of issues that Muslim students face on campus and the lack of Halal meat was one of the key problems. From that moment onwards, the Union’s Community Officer started working with the University and Co-Op Foods that run Fresh, all in the hopes of ensuring availability of Halal meat. The BUIS Chair and Community Officer together attended various Religion Coordinating Group meetings to discuss equality and diversity to push the importance of making Halal meat available. Over the course of 5 months, from October to March, the university looked at 18 suppliers in the South-West and overcame important obstacles to finally be able to provide for the dietary requirements of Muslim students. 

The Muslim community on campus has been thrilled to hear the announcement that Halal meat is now available for purchase at Fresh. In addition, BUIS has been extremely grateful towards the efforts of the SU Community Officer and the University to work on this issue. The stock that arrived in store sold out in a matter of 4 days. This shows the high demand present amongst students at the university. This is a huge step forward towards more inclusive and diverse provision of food on campus. After years of Bath students lasting on only fish and vegetables, we finally have our own source of Halal meat. 

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