Review: Sex Education

When Sex Education was advertised at the start of January 2019, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a good TV Show or just a cheap attempt from Netflix to ‘relate’ to its teenage audience. I wasn’t expecting it would turn out to be one of the best shows of the year!

What makes Sex Education so special then? Well it’s a very easy formula:

First, you’ll need a good plot. Laurie Nunn, the creator, offers a pretty simple one: Otis, 17, has trouble dealing with his own sexuality and the fact that his mum is a famous sex guru. Him and his friend Eric, who’s openly gay, try to navigate the hormone-fuelled years of sixth form. When Otis attempts to get closer to his crush Maeve, he finds himself in a tricky situation: he’s coerced into becoming a sex therapist for his peers and many students are now seeking his ‘expertise’. This simple yet hilarious plot ensures that many people will relate to the character’s journey or will just laugh with them.

Secondly, you need good actors. Don’t worry, Sex Education has an incredible cast. Asa Butterfield shines as Otis and plays every bit of his awkwardness to perfection. But the real players here are without a doubt Ncuti Gatwa (Eric) and Emma Mackey (Maeve), who put on tremendous performances. It’s impossible to resist Ncuti’s beautiful energy or Emma’s savagery. The three main actors form an adorable cast that are truly ‘friendship goals’. Another honourable mention goes to the amazingly talented Gillian Anderson, who portrays here a whacky sex therapist, much to our delight.

Thirdly, you need boldness. The show, like Skins back in the day, isn’t afraid to tackle sensitive issues and does so in an extremely respectful and effective manner. Episode 3, which focuses on one of the character’s abortion, is a clever look at society’s taboos while Episode 5 tackles the issues of homophobia, both of which are critical topics in our world. Those episodes offer raw scenes and performances that will likely spark debate, which is another reason why we love this show.

There you have it: the recipe of an incredible show. Sex Education is a beautiful and funny look at our society, and how crazy sex can be. It shows it in a way that’s so utterly clever and touching that it has become one of Netflix’s must-sees. Don’t miss out on the hype, believe me when I say you’ll regret it.

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