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Best Bars in Bath

Given that the nightlife in Bath bares similarities to marmite (you either love it or you hate it), it’s a known fact that a good bar can be a fabulous way to spend your Friday evenings. Luckily for us students, there is a plethora of bars to choose from, that vary in style, menu and speciality; there will always be something to tickle your tastebuds.

Canary Gin Bar

Now, I’m not a great lover of gin (shock horror, I know… am I even a millennial!?), however, the cocktails at the Canary Gin Bar are so diverse that there is literally something for everyone. What’s special is that they serve their own home-made, Bathonian gin, which gives the cocktails a much more authentic feel. I also loved the Cluedo-inspired menu, as I thought this was a fantastically clever way to generate interest and also add a fun aspect to the cocktail-selecting process. I chose the Miss Scarlett cocktail and the strawberry gin that they mixed was delicious – I could have had seconds! The interiors are quite dark and mysterious, with some questionable art on the walls, but it gives it a quirky ambiance, which is always essential to try out.


One of the main attractions of Rev’s is the pricing. The drinks are eye popping-ly cheap (admittedly only by Bath standards) and they do 2-4-1 at selected times, which makes you doubly merry! The cocktail menu resembles some sort of novel as there are pages and pages full of delectable-looking drinks to choose from! What I love most is their approach to seasonal drinks – their Christmas cocktails were gloriously festive, and the presentation was top-notch. A spacious place, there are plenty of seats to choose from and the bar is long as well, meaning that getting served shouldn’t be too much hassle (apart from when the Rugby lads are there).

Be At One

Situated a few steps away from Bath Spa Station, Be At One is on the more modern end of the spectrum and in an extremely accessible location. The drinks menu is detailed and varied, with their take on some of the classics (a pornstar martini, please!) and some of their own marvellous concoctions. The only downside is that it can get rather busy at times and as it isn’t the largest of bars, so this may be slightly off-putting; but if you go at a less busy time, the experience can’t be faulted! Be At One is another bar that celebrates the festivities with seasonal drinks – I didn’t manage to go around Halloween but they had some spooky-looking cocktails that look like they should definitely be tried and tested!

The Hideout

My bet is that this place is named “The Hideout” because it’s pretty hidden, tucked away behind some beautifully Bathonian buildings. Once you’ve found this little gemstone of a bar, it’s a great place to enjoy some freshly-shaken cocktails. Everything about this place just reeks of coolness; there are figurines of edgy skulls dotted about the place, the lights are dimmed as low as possible and all of the barmen are heavily tattooed with big smiles and enormous laughs. They specialise in whiskey, so if that’s not your jam, then it may seem a bit scary at first. However, as I’m no whiskey lover myself (what do I like…?), our waiter created my very own special concoction and I absolutely loved it. Perfect service and a great little location.

Circo Bar & Lounge

I don’t think there’s a cocktail that Circo doesn’t do. The menu is suitable for every taste and they ensure they use the best ingredients to ensure some good quality sipping. The interiors are what makes this bar so glamorously chic, with velveteen armchairs and tables that looked like they’ve all been sourced from Anthropologie – perfect for some Instagram snaps. Head to Circo if you’re looking for a classy girls night out that you can dress up for and go wild.

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