Live Programme: Questions to Candidates – Sport 2019

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14.11: Candidates make closing remarks.

14.11: As a DREAM facility, Abi dreams of a 6G pitch or a climbing wall! Tom would love ‘artificial rapids’ that you get at the Olympics. They both add they would love a go kart track!

14.05: Abi wants to train up unelected members of club committees to run Bath Active and this is where they could use the unused boxes of equipment. Tom questions if that would actually work, Abi says it wouldn’t be compulsory but it would be a shame to waste the talents of students and waste of resources. They would be recognised as a sort of volunteer.

14.04: They are asked about justifying cost of extending software that would allow students to book sports spaces that staff currently use. Abi says it has been very positive when talking to people around campus.

13.58: “Which club would you give the biggest budget to and why?” Abi says it is a very difficult question, she speculates the current biggest budget goes to rugby (she isn’t sure though!) and she said this could continue. She would love to give a massive budget to lacrosse but obviously she won’t! Tom says rugby generate a lot of spectator engagement and a lot of people instantly think of rugby when they think of this uni and thus, the biggest budget to rugby seems justified.

13.55: Tom is asked about how he would organise Varsity and ensure equal club representation, he responds that event officers on the sport exec could take on the role and they could secure funding from companies, something Tom has experience in. Tom says it would be hard to incorporate all clubs that run, it would maybe have to change year to year.

13.53: Abi speaks of international students who stay on campus and need sports during holidays.

13.51: When asked about how to help students from different socio-economic backgrounds, Abi says if possible she would put aside money for people to apply for help but the point still stands that sport is expensive. She would also like it if students didn’t have to commit to a club so early on. Tom would like again a support network that students could go to if they were struggling to pay.

13.50: “Was the BUCS fee rise justified at the start of the year?” Abi agrees, she acknowledges that it obviously isn’t ideal but sport is expensive and it was a necessary move. Bath Uni is still cheaper than many clubs and other unis. Tom concurs.

13.49: Tom and Abi agree that education to students about what a social is about and what is expected of them. They say that current SU officers have also done a good job of this. They both say there should be a support network in place for students to talk about issues, perhaps issues that took place at a social that made them uncomfortable.

13.47: Abi is asked about the fact that more recent freshers are less likely to drink than maybe 10 years ago. She says she should have thought before talking about bar crawls and would ensure an activity that would include all drinking and non drinking members.

13.45: With regards to welcome socials and their ideas, Abi likes the idea of a 3-legged bar crawl in town to get freshers and others off campus and she likes that you can link a fresher to a non-fresher for increased collaboration in the sport. Tom says that welcome socials should ideally not revolve around drinking, he cites that volleyball welcome socials may include a relaxed game and a BBQ.

13.43: Abi is asked if fines for being late or not showing up are good or bad. Abi says her sports club only fine if they have no reason for not showing up, they do not fine for things out of their control. Abi says she would look further into the idea of fines if there was an issue.

13.41: With BUCS being able to decide if trans people can compete in different sports, Abi would continue to lobby and show the benefits to everyone with regards to increasing inclusivity. Tom reiterates what Abi says – to lobby and push for certain frameworks and rules that protect trans people and allow them to compete freely.

13.39: “How would they increase trans participation in sport?” Tom stresses importance of education to non LGBT+ people (or even LGBT+ people!) to reduce ignorance at a club and coach level that can affect trans participation. Abi agrees education is paramount, she also speaks of collaborating with government bodies and she liked the inclusivity sports day last week.

13.38: Abi is asked how she is planning to get better student deals and class passes for example, when the previous officer wasn’t able. She says she would continue to lobby because it’s important that the sports department know what students want.

13.36: Tom is asked about his better award system idea that is mentioned in his manifesto. Tom says there is the possibility to have something more structured in places, recognition from clubs is important, from committees too.

13.35: Tom wants to bridge the gap between different sports clubs to increase engagement. Abi says we have a great range of clubs and would prefer to mend the relationship between SU Sport and TeamBath. Along with student services, we could streamline facility use and make good use of resources.

13.33: Abi says reducing gymtimidation would be a good use of resources as the gym is so popular, especially with gym extension. Abi is also asked about why she hasn’t mentioned the issue of early morning buses in her manifesto like Tom did. She cites a word limit and thus wanting to shed light on more important issues to her.

13.31: Abi is asked about her manifesto point of eradicating ‘Gymtimidation’. She says the gym can be scary and we are a strong sports uni but there is definitely a demand for a less intense space to train. Lots of people say that the layout and equipment are not very beginner friendly. She would like better induction sessions.

13.29: Sports taster sessions are brought up and their efficiency – whether they hold students back. His speed dating idea would allow clubs to engage more with people, more than they do during Freshers and allow greater engagement. He says that facility space would not be such a huge issue, as long as we compromise and clubs cooperate.

13.28: Abi adds to previous questions that we should stress importance of graduates who can fall into situations of poor mental health because they stop doing as much exercise when they leave uni and their sports club. She wants to link to governing bodies and see if they could run lifestyle fitness workshops.

13.25: “How would you tackle mental health issues in sport as sports officer?” Abi stresses how important sport can be for improving mental health, she would like to offer support to people who don’t win committee elections in their club. Also, she would like to grow prescription for exercise and would use students to help. More work with student services about opportunities that can be created together and more emphasis on buddy schemes. Tom agrees that prescription for sport is set to be very effective and it ties into a buddy scheme. He believes there is the scope to raise MH awareness to people competing and working in clubs. There are steps being taken now but we can do so much more, he says, to signpost people to relevant places.

13.23: In response to a space clash between Bath active and uni sports group, Tom says he would give priority to club session to go on, instead of Bath Active. He does state how important free sport is but priority lies with paying members. Abi says it’s hard to give an answer from a brief question but she would back Bath Active, she says that some uni sports clubs can waste their resources and time which would make her reluctant.

13.22: Candidates are asked if they would rather a library extension or 2 3G pitches. Abi votes for 3G pitches so we can truly be a world class sports uni, Tom agrees, but stresses there should be more study space too.

13.21 : Dom withdraws from the running to be the next SU Sports Officer.

13.20: Dom uses this introduction to talk about mental health and his own struggles he faces.

13.17: Candidates introduce themselves.

13.16: Chair of Elections Committee announces Education Q2C will be replaced by a Live video tomorrow.

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