Live Programme: Questions to Candidates – President and Postgrad 2019

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19.19: Eve makes closing remarks.

19.18: “How will you make Freshers events more inclusive” Candidate replies that ‘Generation Z’ that incoming students belong to seem to drink much less, she would focus on expanding and promoting more alcohol free events.

19.14: “If you could cut an academic department what would that be?” Eve responds that although this is against the President’s representative role, departments that do not have recruiting problems might be ones to cut only because resources could be directed to ones that are struggling.

19.13: “Which is your favourite student media group?” Bath Time magazine, candidate responds.

19.12: “What is an area you think the SU could be better at?” Candidate replies with enhancing physical engagement with students.

19.10: “If you had to cut an officer’s role, what would that be?” Eve says PG because it is the newest one but, on the condition that the responsibilities of the role are ingrained in every other officer’s unit.

19.08: “Considering funding problems at the NUS, where do you see Bath SU’s relationship with the NUS is heading?” Eve invites suggestions and thoughts from students. When asked about a referendum, Eve seemed split. Whilst she wants student voices to be heard, she fears the possibility of disaffiliating from the NUS and then discovering a positive in the causes they champion.

19.06: “Is there a particular remit you would like to have taken away from the president?” Eve speaks of a random working group called ‘The Santander working group’.

19.04: Asked about Brexit and support she is planning to mobilise in case of a no-deal scenario. Eve talks about improving access to information.

19.04: Asked what her favourite drink in the plug. Eve replies an Orange and Passion Fruit VK.

19.02: Eve asked about whether it was frustrating to be the only candidate in a democratic process. Says it was probably due to intimidation by the though of running against a current officer. Eve also emphasises her vlog ‘A day in the life of a SU Officer’.

18.59: Asked about Mental Health Service provision – Eve talks about how funds can be diverted to lengthen mental health help to longer than 6 weeks and see individuals through their progress.

18.58: Expands on how the students’ union may be involved in earlier planning stages of various issues.

18.56: Asked about how she plans to address the issue of rent in the short term. Talks about working with ahs (Accommodation Hospitality Services) over the year on how they could alter service provision in university halls to keep the rent low e.g. taking the bins out themselves.

18.54: Eve is asked about her commitment to improving the bus situation. Eve talks about ambiguity in bus arrival times and possibility of involving the Competition and Markets Authority in the bus situation in Bath.

18.53: SU President candidate and current officer Eve Alcock introduces herself.

Now onto SU President Questions to Candidate.

18.46: Candidates make closing remarks.

18.43: Considering both candidates have been PG students, they are asked about how they plan to reach out to doctoral students. My plans to improve communication and opportunities to collaborate during informal events. Jiani wants to make sure feedback from doctoral students are taken into account.

18.41: “Would you take over undergraduate space to improve PG space availability?” Both say no. Respecting spaces built for the two is important to both candidates.

18.38: Candidates asked about the relationship between PG Officer and other SU Officers. Jiani states that a large proportion of PG students are international and must work with other officers to improve their experience. My believes PG officers are involved in the agendas of all other SU Officers.

18.34: Candidates asked why undergraduate students should vote for them. Jiani talks about manifesto point improving print credit process. Also she talks about bringing reindeers to campus – believes it is achievable. My talks about manifesto point of improving space availability and more international events.

18.31: “Do you think that the postgrad experience has improved over time?” My emphasises lack of study space and lack of experience among many postgrad students with the SU website. Information can be improved for PG students. Jiani is of the opinion that the improvement is not often felt among PG students since they are here only for a year. More can be done over the summer, SU trips, for example, were a recent success.

18.28: Candidates are asked about whether doctoral college is fit for purpose? Jiani wants to work on improving postgrad provision. Need to draw a line between SU and doctoral college. My agrees.

18.26: Question for both -Do you believe hot-desking is a solution for phD workspace problem? Jiani is of the view that hot-desking is not as effective because of its short term nature and doctoral students prefer a permanent workspace.

18.24: My is asked about “bigger and better student community” – is this possible if PG and doctoral don’t have the same experience? My wants to merge the groups further than on-campus social environments.

18.23: Jiani asked about her manifesto point on mental health – she refers to a study they investigated on causes of mental health problems; plans to put on workshops to find out what they want

18.23: pressed for an answer, Jiani wants 4W space back for PG students, My follows in a similar vein.

18.20: Candidates asked on space for PG students: doctoral or PG? Jiani would choose to separate the space – hot-desking for PG and another part of the space for office space for doctoral. My prefers a merged environment.

18.18: Candidates introduce themselves.

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