Lecturer Likens Freshers’ Assignments to “Dumpster Fire” In Tweet

Senior politics lecturer Paul Goode posted a controversial tweet regarding the work of his first-year students on Thursday, 7th February. 

First and second-year students were quick to pick up on Goode’s comment. The academic student representative for first years replied to Goode, voicing their views on the module.

The professor replied to the academic rep, arguing that no one had asked for feedback, and accusing him of “coming after” his teaching.

The exchange took a more extreme turn when an anonymous spoof account named POLIS Student insulted Goode.

Goode proceeded to block the academic rep, as well as setting his account to private.

“This user has blocked you”: the lecturer proceeded to block the academic rep for the course.
After recieving an anonymous insult, the professor set his account to private.

Jack Kitchen, SU Education Officer commented: “The transition to University study from further education is a challenging one. The SU would expect lecturers to support their students throughout this period. As assignments submitted in semester one of first year are often the first academic essays many of our students are writing, it’s disappointing to see their work lambasted in such a public forum.”

We have approached the University for comment, this page will be updated as they respond.

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