Film review: A Star Is Born

A Star is Born featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper tells the emotional and charming story of a seasoned musician (Jackson Maine) falling in love and helping a younger singer (Ally Campana) find her fame, alongside his struggles of alcoholism and drug addiction. This is the fourth remake of the original 1937 film and is also Cooper’s directorial debut. Although not initially attracted to the film, I found it incredibly heartfelt, raw and intimate. I was particularly impressed by Lady Gaga’s acting ability and Cooper’s hidden singing talent, by which Lady Gaga also said she was blown away.

The film begins with Jackson and Ally in parallel worlds; Jackson playing at a packed concert in California and Ally working as a waitress. When they do meet, it’s in a drag bar, where Jackson witnesses Ally’s incredible talent as a singer and that’s when their romance is sparked. The film then follows Jackson and Ally’s relationship and careers through the highs and lows, the main premise being Ally’s growing success and Jackson’s downward spiral.

The main draw of the film, of course, are the stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The film draws particular attention to Gaga’s often overlooked acting ability which showed vulnerability and passion in contrast to her usual eccentric and ‘out there’ stage persona. Both Gaga’s and Cooper’s acting was commendable, so much so that you come away from the film feeling deeply connected to these characters who are flawed but trying to hold themselves together or mend the cracks of those they love. The soundtrack also makes the film a must-see with the lead single ‘Shallow’ currently featuring in the charts.

Overall, I’d recommend this film to anyone because of the excellent performances from both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Engaging, emotional and beautiful, I strongly believe this film could be an Oscar contender.

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