Photo: Kim Pickett

VIDEO: Distasteful Rugby Chants at the Rec

University of Bath Rugby club members were heard chanting distasteful comments at last week’s BUCS Super Rugby game. The game saw Team Bath’s first team face off against Leeds Beckett in what was widely considered a positive event, the match ended in a Bath victory.

Bath Time received video footage of this chanting, this video can be seen here:


In response to this, Josh Rodgers, Chair of the University of Bath Rugby Club, stated: “The Rugby Club condemns the chants sung by it’s members at The Rec. After such a successful day for the not only the Club but the University, it is a shame it is marred in this way. We will be working with SU Sport in a formal club disciplinary and aim to ensure such actions highlighted within the footage are not repeated in the future. The Rugby Clubs ultimate aim is to stamp out any form of discrimination and inappropriate behaviour.

SU Sports Officer, Andrew Galloway, also stated: “It is disappointing to see this kind of behaviour at what was a massively successful and enjoyable event. We’re constantly working to improve the culture around sport to make it as inclusive as possible and we understand that this will take time as it is a national issue. We brought in Welfare and Inclusivity Officers as core positions on all sports committees this year to try and tackle this type of thing within clubs. The rugby club have made some great progress recently and are continuing that through taking part in the Inclusivity Award as well as looking at running a campaign around sexual harassment. I don’t believe this incident accurately represents the club of over 350 people, and the club have agreed to come to a disciplinary to discuss the incident. Through this, we hope the members will understand the implications of their behaviour and we can work together to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

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