First Bus left students waiting up to 1 hour and 45 minutes to get the bus to university on the first day of term, many missing lectures or choosing to walk instead. From September 2nd First Bus diverted its U1 route away from the city centre and extended the U2 to Twerton, whilst increasing its fares.   

Long queues and too few buses

A sense of frustration dominated the campus on Monday. The SU Bath set up a Facebook group, ‘UniBus Feedback’, where students posted comments, photos and videos of their experiences getting to Uni. Students reported  long queues and waiting times, with some buses not showing up as scheduled. These queues were excarcerabted by the Brougham Hayes roadworks, which has restricted the U1’s access to Oldfield Park, meaning there is only one stop, St James’ cemetery, to serve the areas. Here are some of the comments amde by students on the facebook group:

This morning I set off at 8.45 for my 10.15 lecture. Of the 5 U2 buses that were supposed to arrive in the time that I stood at the bus stop (8.53, 9.09, 9.28, 9.48, 10.08), only two turned up, and both drove by without stopping. I ended up missing the first lecture of the year.” – Alice

“I ended up missing the first lecture of the year”

Waited at the Fox Hill U2 bus stop this morning from 8:30 until 10:10, one bus was a no show, the other four drove straight by. Two of the “full” buses did seem packed, so I don’t mind that they drove by, but the other 2 were definitely not full, and I feel that we could have been let on without any problem.” – Oliver

Waited 1hr 45mins to get on a bus in Southdown. Turned up at 8.15am and didn’t get on a bus until 10am, four U2 services in a row were full and one didn’t even show up” – Sarah

Three ways to make your complaints heard

  1. Emailing First Bus: “the best thing we can do is keep feeding back our views using the email address, to make known that it makes your commute to Uni difficult.”  – Eve Alcock SU President
  2. Sharing your experience on Facebook: the SU has set up the page ‘UniBus Feedback’ so that students can post anecdotes, photos and videos.
  3. Sign a petition: over 2100 people have already signed a petition started by Ezgi Aksakal, asking for prices to be reduced.

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