What Student Minds Can Offer You

Worried about meeting new people? Learning to look after yourself in a new place? Or just concerned about Freshers? Aside from the University’s services, the campus-based charity, Student Minds, allows students a space to alleviate problems like these.

Starting university can be a very daunting thing to consider, be it because of social reasons, poor cooking skills or just being away from home. In fact, YouGov’s research from 2016 says that 1 in 4 students suffer from mental health issues. While that could be considered a scary statistic, there are groups like Student Minds that are there to listen.

At University of Bath, the charity offers two programmes:

Positive Minds: a six week course for students experiencing low mood or mild depression, covering topics such as building a support network, establishing healthy routines and exploring different relaxation techniques.

Eating Difficulty Groups are informal groups to provide support and encouragement to any student who is experiencing difficulties around food. At Bath, Student Minds offers Motivate Me, a six week course that focuses on helping students to develop strategies to manage the challenges commonly observed in individuals experiencing eating difficulties.

“To tackle the subject of mental health and wellbeing.”

For Freshers specifically, the Student Minds team are also hosting some small events for students to have some time away from the chaos that is Freshers’ week.

“The transition from secondary school to university can be a big step for some people and some people can’t deal with it as easily as others,” says a trained Student Minds volunteer. “So our service is necessary because we want to help students feel supported by the university and students to tackle the subject of mental health and wellbeing.”

University is supposed to be exciting, new and fun but it’s not like that all the time.Groups like the Wellbeing Service, along with charities like Student Minds, are there to ‘fill the gaps’.

Intrigued? Student Minds are running some events in the run-up to term time:

Wednesday 26th 2-4pm: Breathers – Board Games and Recipe swap
Thursday 27th 11-4pm: SU Groups Day

Monday 1st 4-7pm: SU Groups Fair
Tuesday 2nd 7:30-9:30pm: Film Night – Inside Out

Wednesday 10th 2-4pm: Breathers – Self-care tips and tricks


For more information check out: thesubath.com/student-minds