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Important Changes On The Running Of The Edge Announced

The SU Activities Officer, Kimberley Pickett, has announced on the SU Bath Facebook page the important changes the Edge will undergo over the course of this academic year. In her blog, published on the Students’ Union website, she described in depth, with a worried and sceptical tone, about what these changes actually are.

From February 2019, the Box Office will be removed and potentially replaced by a sushi/bottle bar. In lieu of a box office, there will be a Visitor Services Unit situated in the foyer. However, the infrastructure that was available in the Box Office, including tills and access cards for music rooms, will not be present anymore. The logistical implications that might follow these changes, according to the Activities Officer, have “not been thought through entirely”.

The brand new Visitor Services Unit would close at 5 PM, meaning there would be hours until the end of the business day without staffers to supervise room bookings. The approach proposed would be to leave most practice rooms unlocked from that time.

Regarding show tickets, which would not be provided by the Visitor Unit, the new Edge vision would embrace a totally ticket-free system: this would entail an online booking fee for e-tickets, as well as admin fees for events.

For health and safety purposes, ushers will still be needed at events; however, the Edge will be looking to charge student groups for this service. This proposal is not yet confirmed and is something Kimberley aims to prevent.

The Edge has invested in a new piano over the summer and is looking to purchase another replacement. The need for pianos in most rooms is also being evaluated.

Kimberley’s manifesto point, to ensure a student focus in the Edge, seems to have found fertile ground on Jamie Eastman, the Director of Arts. Third party bookings, according to the blog, will be re-focused between May and September, allowing for student priority during term time.

The SU, along will Jamie Eastman, will be running a Q&A session on November 7th, at 15.15, in 3WN 3.7. Alternatively, queries and comments can be sent to Jamie Eastman on or  Kimberley on

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