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Review: The Pig Near Bath

Where to watch the sunset in Somerset: Hiding away at THE PIG NEAR BATH

Source: Roses and Rolltops

As we move towards the end of term and wait for the impending summer, the inevitable flood of memories will have us reminiscing about the younger days. Let me introduce you to a place that will encapsulate your feelings into one. Comparable to Narnia, or a magical Middle-Earth (for those Lord of the Rings fans amongst you), this place will take you on a magical journey. Only a short, yet picturesque 20 minute drive away from Bath lies a manor house called ‘The Pig…near Bath”. Presenting personalised luxury in the most down-to-earth way, the estate will offer a warm and welcomed pampering to your post-exam trauma. Part of 5 magical ‘maison’s’ transformed into welcoming restaurants with decadent rooms available too, The Pig near Bath is the epitome of an escape to the British countryside. Led by married couple, each of the destinations, like the Pig, embodies the location it belongs to, bringing you a unique and homely escape from the busyness of the surrounding town. 


Armed with a 85-strong member team, The Pig is designed to ensure that every step of the way you are ensured to receive a bespoke serve, rendering a comfortable and charming escape. The team includes 3 gardeners who dedicate 7 days a week to produce homegrown, heart-felt plates for visitors and guests. Don’t be shy: the lovely team will be more than happy to give you a tour or answer any questions surrounding the produce, gardens or animals. Ollie, the head kitchen gardener appears to be a walking-talking nature encyclopedia; if you have the need to know which seed will sprout when, he is your man indeed. 

Hungry? The restaurant is similar to the kitchen of the house: the heart of the estate, the place where countryside meets urban sophistication. Head chef Camille is trained to perfection. Her passion for cooking combines nature’s elements with city delights to bring you fresh, seasonal and innovative concoctions. Try some of the curated meats, dig into the flavourful vegetables or just indulge in some sweet dessert.

The rooms will offer a traditional yet luxurious vibe; the perfect place to undwind after a long day. Climb the wooden stairs and open the doors to your safe haven. During the day, the grounds are yours for play: relax and take in the vast scenery of British countryside, and let the natural wonders of the world, including the many farm animals energise you with their liveliness. The facilities offer play pens for the kids, courtyards and relaxation for the adults, and anything inbetween for the youngers. The Pig opens its arms wide, accommodating for all visitors, including our favorite furry friends!

Behind the kitchen doors

Inspired by the relationship between root and recipe, the team doesn’t only create a menu, but curate a dish to suit everyone’s needs. Nestled in the heart of Somerset, the kitchen staff uses their surroundings for inspiration and ingredients: whilst most herbs, root vegetables, lettuces and fruits are grown on grounds, the remaining ingredients are sourced within a 25-mile radius. Head Chef seeks out local suppliers, The Pig aims to maintain a sustainable system by supporting their local area. This also allows them to provide unique produce that you cannot find at your local Sainsbury’s or even –wouldyoubelieve- Waitrose. A specialty found on every Pig menu is the special 12-month air dried charcuterie. James Golding, (Group Chef Director) has worked on collaborations with critically acclaimed chef’s such as Tom Kerridge, John Williams and Claire Clark. The rustic dining room invites you to indulge into a menu offering a wealth of meat, fish and vegetarian options. This epitomizes the kitchen’s flexible nature. For all you wine lovers, each Pig has its own sommelier to deliver a mix of exotic yet also traditional wines to accompany the food. Select your favourite from around 330 wines. 

Between brewery and bar

The interiors of the Pig hold a surprise in every room. From games night to cocktail hour, explore hotel’s elegant corridors and find your way to the bar, as it warms your throat before you’ve even taken a sip. Make yourself at home and dive into the family-sized sofas. Taking the same ethos from the restaurant, the bar is inspired by their garden’s great greens, offering both the classics and individual infusions made by the team. Acting as home remedies, infusions here offer a diversity of flavours ranging from blood orange to rhubarb or even nettles.

Stepping out into paradise

  • Grounds effortlessly green, perfect for a brisk walk and those looking to capture ‘candid’ pictures of life beyond Bath town centre
  • An excuse to get lost for hours as you follow their footpaths leading you between courtyards, gardens and tennis courts
  • Sprinkled with an array of flowers, in full bloom during the summer season
  • Next door to a deer park; encouraged to visit the chicken pens, pig den, green-house and vegetable plots
  • Bee colonies too – produce their own honey

Relax and unwind

  • The ultimate escape: their rustic Treatment cabins, with views looking out onto the vast countryside and deer park nestled into quietest corners of their garden
  • Offer a range of unisex treatments tailored to the needs and requests of the customer (not just for guests)
  • Pregnancy massages, reflexology, sports massages, full body, facials (unique selling point: hot & cold stone) & exfoliation treatments
  • Bespoke – time can range from 30 mins to 120 mins, prices start at £80 for massages and £85 for facials
  • Sensory experience: heated blankets, freshly-made smoothie shots
  • Introducing a loyalty card option for local customers which offers 1 free treatment following the booking of 6
  • ‘Recommend to a friend’ can earn you 40% off treatments, and your friend will receive 20%

Beyond The Pig

  • Involved in the local community; catering events, kids activities and festivals
  • 30thJune (across Friday and Saturday if camping) The Pig near Bath’s summer festival (6thyear running)
  • families, young kids, adults all welcome
  • £35 ticket
  • Paul Carrick performing


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