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Review: Swoon Gelato

Gelato: thicker, creamier and dare I say better (?!) than ice cream (not to mention lower in fat and calories). Due to low temperatures it may have disappeared from your foodie-radar, but gelato-connoisseur Luisa isn’t going to let that happen. At Swoon, she’s converted three of the BEST things about the festive period (because food is the best part of Christmas, obvs) into a trio of new flavours. I present to you: panettone, chocolate-orange and mince pie.

Chocolate orange wasn’t quite ready to grace my tastebuds, but the rest of the delectable menu was. ClearlyI had to sample every single flavour (it would rude not to/ leave no stone unturned). Highlights included the ‘Bacio’ (intense Nutella vibes) and the ‘Biscotto della Nonna’ – effectively biscoff/speculoos/lotus (if you know, you know).

A shout out is also owed to the sorbets, chocolate in particular. How is it possible for a cream-less (in fact dairy-less altogether) mixture to taste so damn creamy? Sorcery. Vegans of bath – you needthis.

Another one not to be missed for all the chocolate lovers out there – ‘cioccolata calda’. An authentic Italian hot chocolate. I don’t know how to describe this other than molten brownie (not for the faint hearted – a cup of this will put you in a cocoa coma).

Not only did I get to taste their insanely good stuff, I also got to make it. First I helped Luisa to construct a panettone gelato cake, which involved hollowing out a loaf and filling it with two layers of gelato. For those of you that don’t know, panettone is a sweet bread embellished with candied fruit, which is native to Italy and traditionally eaten at Christmas.

The cut outs were then added to Swoon’s signature recipe, blended, churned and set, to produce their Christmas special.

If you like the idea of adding some cake to your cream, Swoon have brioche, brownies and waffles all ready to pop your scoop straight onto. For those of you with less of a sweet tooth, their brand-new Montgomery cheddar & Bath blue cheese flavours might be just the thing for you. According to Luisait’s the first of its kind in the U.K(groundbreaking stuff, Bath is being edgy – rare). And if you like the idea of a cake/cream hybrid look no further than their range of gelato gateaux, which can be personalised, making them perfect for any special occasion.

All the gelato you see on display is made fresh daily or every other day. You see many institutions pride themselves on ‘quality’, but this genuinely rings true at Swoon. From hazelnuts of Piemonte to Sicilian pistachios, it’s evident no corners have been cut. A whopping seven of their flavours have been crowned with great taste awards: more than half of those being given the full three stars. It’s no wonder Luisa, the mastermind behind the flavour lab, actually studied at Gelato University (yes, this is a real thing) in Bologna. Currently planning my year of study abroad there tbh.

Finally, they do 10% student discount mon-fri, and if you’re too busy/tired/lazy to get down there yourself you can find them on Deliveroo.

P.S. keep an eye out for their twitter poll to choose a new flavour every month.

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