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Review: Graze Bar and Chophouse

Graze Bar and Chophouse, part of the Bath Ales family, has the welcoming feel of a pub, mixed with a casual dining atmosphere, perfect for any occasion from a nice pint with friends to a special dinner outing with family. The restaurant, located on the first floor of the food quarter next to the Bath Spa station, has a beautiful view, which can also be enjoyed from two outside-areas (once spring finally reaches us).  

Photo: Trip Advisor

While grills and steaks seem to be the main attraction of the menu, it included a wide range of vegetarian and fish options, French-inspired dishes and pub classics. We opted for the Monkfish in Parma ham and a Pumpkin and Ricotta crumble, intrigued by the innovative combinations of ingredients. The saying goes ‘fortune favours the bold’ and indeed; our curiosity for new flavour combinations did not go unrewarded. The monkfish wrapped in parma ham came swimming in a delicious crab bisque – a crab-based soup with cream for those non-connoisseurs – with crisp cube-shaped potato puffs. Cress on top of the dish added levels of bitterness to the otherwise creamy and umami flavours. This dish, inspired by French cuisine was a perfect in-between of hearty pub-food and sophisticated tastes. The quality of the ingredients, specifically the monkfish, and the unique mix of flavours made it a truly enjoyable experience. As for the crumble; this was not your usual apple crumble but a savoury take, including artichokes, chestnut and pumpkin. This dish was full of contrasts that we loved. It had wonderfully warm flavours contrasted by a zesty ricotta cheese and the creamy texture of the vegetables and cheese was contrasted with a crispy crumble. Light yet hearty, traditional yet innovative it is a successful new take on an old favourite. Graze also does not disappoint with its selection of around ten different sides, including macaroni and cheese, salads and roasted vegetables in all shapes and forms. We chose roasted vegetables, which surprised pleasantly with curried flavours.


Being the flagship restaurant Bath Ales, Graze has its own microbrewery, part of which is visible from the restaurant providing it with a unique interior design. The full range of Bath Ales as well as the produce of the in-house brewery called Platform 3 is available on the menu to enjoy in this setting.

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