Cover Art of 'Safe in Sound'

Interview: Lower Than Atlantis

Bath Time Contributor and MusicSoc Committee member Sam Lewis sat down with Lower Than Atlantis’ bassist, Dec Hart, to discuss their upcoming performance at Komedia on April 9th and their new album Safe In Sound.

Cover Art of ‘Safe in Sound’

What inspired you to go on a tour of small venues, like Komedia?

The album cycle is kind of over now as far as releasing any new singles, so we are looking to do a massive tour to give back to our fans who were maybe too young to get to big cities. We are also playing songs from all five of our records, which we have never done before, which is a cool way of doing it, as some of the older heavier songs maybe don’t translate as well in bigger venues.

Are there any hints you can give of what we can expect from this current UK tour?

It’s going to be kind of the greatest hits without the hits. We had an original setlist but there were too many songs, so we are kinda just playing songs people really want to hear from ever record. If someone likes LTA through any time period, there will be something for them.

Your most recent album ‘Safe in Sound’ is very different to your previous album ‘Lower Than Atlantis’ and also your debut album ‘Far Q’. How do you find inspiration for a new sound?

We all listen to a range of music, and I think instead of going out ‘looking’ for a new sound, we all love music and listening to it, so it always finds us through the things we listen to. I think it’s fair to say we never put out the same record twice, which is our main ethos with band, always moving forward, and not stagnating. Playing things just to make money and sell tickets is not how we role, and you expect more of that in the future

So what can we expect in the future? You mentioned you weren’t releasing anything for a while?

Well, yesterday we recorded a video for a new single yesterday, it’s not on ‘Safe In Sound’, its brand new. We are not releasing an album this year or any time soon, but this should keep the fans going. I can’t tell you when the single will be out because I don’t know, but at some point this tour when it’s out we will play it.

On the 9th of April you are playing Bath for the first time ever? Or a while?

It’s the first time we have ever played in Bath. We have played Bristol, and I think the closest we have played is Nass festival (Bath and West Showground), which was about 4 years ago. I love Bath though, one of my favourite places, so very excited.

If you could play any venue in the UK, where would you play?

One day I would love to play Wembley arena, hopefully one day playing Stadium but fingers crossed for that!

Being on tour must be long hours, and involve spending lots of hours together as a band. How do you relax between shows to make sure there are no tensions, because it must be hard?

It is indeed! We are on the bus now on the way to Germany, and I think everyone has a thing they like to do to relax, like the gym, swimming pools, saunas that kind of thing to relax on days off, to make sure you aren’t stuck with a group of people for a long time which as you say can be quite tense. But, especially on this tour, everyone we want (merch guys, crew members) is obviously not always available, because people have lives, but we have a great group of people, everyone is really friendly!

What advice would you give to up and coming bands trying to tackle the music industry?

The most important thing is don’t rush into trying to make it, the most important is hone your skills, get sick at whatever it is you are doing first, don’t worry about if your mates are out there doing it, when you think you are good enough, go for it. If you think you have a cool niche or a cool sound, just go and do it, don’t worry about everyone else.

What is your story with music? How did you get into it and when did you start?

I started playing guitar when I was 9 or 10, my dad played guitar and there were always guitars lying around the house. I would always pick it up and do whatever with it. He wasn’t a musician, he just enjoyed playing and loved music, but I feel as though he didn’t push me towards it, but gave me the tools to do what I want with it. He was always playing good music around the house, not just whatever was on the radio. I was lucky in that way. Then I got guitar lessons and got obsessed with it and decided this was what I wanted to do, whatever it takes.

You mentioned good music was always playing. What kind of bands do you draw from?

My dad always used to play this ‘Faith No More’ live at Brixton CD. Apparently I would get very excited as a baby whenever he would play it, I would just love it. Just over a year ago we got the chance to play Brixton Academy, which was a great little full circle. It was a very special moment for everyone involved. I remember going out onto the stage and just thinking, this is sick.

Speaking of going out on stage, what is your pre-show ritual? It must be nerve wracking sometimes?

We bought these little Marshall Bluetooth speakers from the Apple store, and in the green room we would always just stick music on, whether it was heavy stuff or hip hop to get us pumped, and turn it up loud.

What is your favourite LTA song and why?

At the moment, I really like the song ‘I Would’ from our most recent record at the moment. We released a tour footage official video, and its really cool to watch it back, and reminds us we did some pretty cool stuff. It’s saved on my phone and I watch it if I’m having a bad day to remind me that life isn’t so bad!

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