SU Officer Elections Results 2018

The results are in. With 5,095 students (or 29% of the student body) voting, the newly elected SU Officers for 2018/19 are as follows:

President: Eve Alcock

Sport: Andy Galloway

Activities: Kim Pickett

Community: Alisha Lobo

Postgraduate: Jiani Zhou

Education: Jack Kitchen

Voting Breakdown 


Jack Kitchen won with 53% of the vote, showing the students ultimately decided to “Back Jack for Education” in the first round. His manifesto included extra study space, more lectures on Panopto, stronger placement support and a better rep system.


Jiani Zhou was elected in the third round against Francisco Virissimo. The votes were close, with just 29 votes separating the two. Her manifesto included a scheme to allow students to pay with their library cards as well as better support from Bath alumni.


Alisha Lobo won the vote in the third round against Francesco Masala. Bath Time’s usual Editor-In-Chief, her manifesto stressed better mental health support for men and more convenient visa checks for international students.


 The only category with one candidate running, Kim Pickett has been re-elected as Activities Officer. Unsurprisingly, the category featured the most “R.O.N” votes: with 505 against 3,482 votes for Kim2Win.


The Galloway tradition is set to continue in SU sports with Andy Galloway winning the vote in the final round against Ed Dunkley. Again, the vote was close with 54 votes ultimately separating the two. Andy’s manifesto promised better welfare support, with welfare roles to be created in sports committees and exec.


Eve Alcock won the Presidential vote in a landslide victory in the first round; winning 72% of the vote. Her manifesto ranged from tackling buses to a library extension.

Bath Time would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the newly elected officers as well as commend all of those who had the courage and dedication to run. We look forward to working with you over the next year.

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