We reached out to all of the SU candidates and asked them one simple question: tell us something that isn’t on your manifesto. Here are the responses we received.


“I would like to make it easier to be green on campus, specifically I would look to reduce the cost of reusable cups on campus. As an added bonus I would have an open door policy with free tea for anyone with a reusable cup!” – Lester Buxton

“Communication is the main barrier between students and the SU. I will get all of the information that students need, from timetables to referendums, into one place, by working on an app that will allow the SU to reach out to more students, and students to engage better than ever with the SU and University.” – Cameron Standring

“I’m descended from a Prime Minister. So it would seem leadership runs in the family. The PM also happens to be Helena Bonham Carter’s great Grandfather meaning we’re (distantly) related too. So if the Politics didn’t do it for you, maybe the celebrity showbiz will” – Eve Alcock


“I have been a part of 16 shows since I started here at the University of Bath” – Kim PA


“I’m part of Bath’s best acoustic hip hop band called E41. Our band name  E41 is an acronym for Eastwood 41, where we all lived in our first year.  Not only that we also have a demo currently on youtube.” – Tamara Reid

“Achievement’s don’t include:

  • Driving: 7 attempts, 1 lost wing mirror.
  • First year placement applications: emphasising my attention to detaiil” – Jack Kitchen


“Andy mused… ‘As a big fan of The Office, I spend most of my conversations trying to drop in an obscure quote from the show.’” – Andy Galloway

“In terms of something that’s not in my manifesto, my campaign team forbade me from putting a joke in there and I think a joke encapsulates me fairly well, so I’ll just send you across my favourite joke at the moment: A man drove past me in a tractor shouting “the end is nigh!” I think it was Farmer Geddon.” – Ed Dunkley

“Hello, I am Jake

Here are some exciting and interesting facts about myself, hehe :

  • I’ve competed in every bucs competition for every sports cult even larping
  • I’ve once jumped over 4 ducks, and have attempted to do five … Maybe I’ll try six when I win
  • I’m not in the winter Olympics cuz I lost my coat, woops!
  • Im the most successful Galloway sister” – Jake Pitchers


“When I first arrived in Bath, my new friends and I were sitting by the lake and I saw my first ever duck. I was so amazed and chased after the duck thinking you could pet it like a dog or a cat….Thankfully, my friends didn’t judge the poor international student and I live with them, three years on. Having my first Sunday roast dinner, wandering around Christmas markets, and the British day drinking, Bath has given me a lot of firsts.” – Alisha Lobo

“As well as acting, which is my passion, I like playing around with filming and directing. You should totally stay tuned with my campaign page if you want to see what we have to show you!” – Francesco Masala

“I would love to see karaoke come to the SU so everyone can see my amazing Anastacia – Left Outside Alone” – Zeid Truscott


“Hi! I am Jiani and I would love to share with you the meaning of my name. ‘Jia’ means ‘good’ while ‘ni’ means ‘girl’, so I guess the closest equivalence of my name in English would be something like ‘Goodfellow’. I enjoy ambient music and I love Sigur Ros! I watch sports a lot and my all-time favourite athletes are Raul Gonzalez (footballer) and Hiroyuki Tomita (gymnast).” – Jiani Zhou

“I am doing a PhD in Mathematics but… I used to be a pretty bad student! When I was in school I skipped most Maths classes and did quite bad in the exams. I really didn’t like Maths! It changed when my Physics teacher told me how he found Maths more concrete than Physics. That sounded like nonsense to me. He then went to the board and after a few minutes I said “yes, I think that’s a lot cooler than Physics indeed!”. The way he explained things sparked my curiosity and I’ve been studying Maths ever since. Now I’m just months away from my dream of becoming a scientist!” – Francisco Viríssimo


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