SU spends £2k on unplanned Plug and Tub repairs

Bath Time has been informed that the SU has spent £2,259 on repairs to The Plug and Tub from the first semester till now. The repairs were not planned prior but have had to take place as a result of damage done on student nights Score and Klass, as well as incidents of individuals who have vandalized The Plug and Tub.

Repairs have included repairs to the sofas in the booths after the upholstery was slashed, repairs to the toilets, and amendments to light fittings. As a self – sustaining body this amount of money is seen as significant within the SU as it could be used to provide and improve facilities, as well as better support our societies within the Students’ Union.

Speaking to Mike Dalton, the SU Bars and Entertainments Manager who manages The Plug and the Tub, he said, ‘The SU is here to enhance the experience of students and we work to maintain a high quality of service and facilities to our students. However, it is also important that students respect the property of the SU whilst out on student nights. Such gross expenditure is an unnecessary expenditure of money from the SU. It is frustrating to see as the money could be better used elsewhere to further benefit the students.’

The amount that the SU spends looks set to increase as the year goes on as the SU prepares to open again for its famous student nights in Semester 2. It remains to be seen how much more will be spent on repairs which could be better utilised elsewhere.

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