Review: New Act Comedy Night at Komedia

Heading to the New Act Comedy Night? You’re in for a cracking evening full of laughs and possibly some surprises. This night gives artists a chance to try out their new material, which means it can go either way; mostly well but sometimes nowhere. Komedia’s front room provides a cosy, intimate setting for the comedy show – too intimate some might say as there is nowhere to hide from being picked on by the comedians. The MC, a jolly chap called Fitz –and by jolly I mean increasingly drunk as the night went on- set the tone for what was to be the theme of the evening, grilling lifestyle editor Naomi Chhatwal about her dog. While he mostly found a willing audience, some comedy-goers made their position very clear, one woman outright proclaiming ‘Please don’t talk to me’ as Fitz attempted to get her involved. He had better luck with Carol who he wittily asked if she was ‘popular this time of year’.

The acts involved a colourful mix of newcomers and more seasoned comedians of all ages and even a German, although the reviewers question his authenticity. What Marty, a peculiar character wearing shirt and suspenders lacked in authenticity he made up for in his extremely witty and observing content. He hit the nail on the head capturing the British character from a foreigner’s perspective. With impressive accuracy he described these ‘little things’ the English care so much about; things like the pen that has definitely stopped working but is kept nevertheless because an English person does not simply give up on a pen or the importance of what brand of Christmas chocolates one offers their guests at home.

The act that stood out the most, perhaps because of its surprise effect was a medical student who treated the audience to hilarious accounts of his failed interactions with women. He gave off the air of a friendly but socially awkward nerd, invoking a sense of pity in the audience. In his opening, he recounted telling an audience about being bullied at school and a member of the audience shouting out ‘I bet you were’, effectively bullying him for being bullied. But it was exactly this reaction that he used to his advantage and made it that much funnier when he proclaimed things such as ‘I know… being a medical student is a real panty dropper’.

Don’t miss the New Act Comedy Show at Komedia: with only 3 pounds per ticket and student priced drinks, you are in for a fantastic evening out!

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