Review: The Ivy Brasserie

Instead of falling down a rabbit hole, I entered wonderland through a hallway. The Ivy Brasserie has opened its doors, and more importantly its menu to Bath. Stepping into the world of the Ivy is equivalent to taking a time machine back to the twenties: dim lighting that complements the mirrored walls, abstract paintings and exotic cocktails served by waiters with a winning smile.  

After an initial invite to enjoy a cocktail at the bar, we were directed to a cosy table with soft cushions that engulf you as you take a seat. The cocktail of choice was the ‘Somerset Spritz’. The Ivy’s take on the classic was the perfect way to bid summer adieu.

As we browsed the menu, eager to let the feasting begin, we chose to start with the Courgette Fritters, served with a mint and chilli dip, the Tuna Carpaccio and the Sea Scallops. From the first bite, the succulent scallops had me at hello. In the hope to make the dish last longer, I focused my attention towards the courgette fritters. Perfectly salted, monstrous in quantity but light enough to enjoy throughout the dinner- this is the ideal accompaniment to your meal.

The service at The Ivy is impeccable: the waiting time between dishes struck the right balance of gently allowing the food to settle into your stomach and swift enough to avoid the classic firm, hungry eye contact with waiters in the hope to make the food magically appear. The waiters are always ready to turn your half-full glass into a top-it-to-the-top.

Our chosen mains included the dish of the day: a scrumptious burger with soft toasted buns, pickles, cheese and thick cut chips on the side. Served with an array of condiments, whatever you heart desires, this dish will feed your soul on a cold, rainy day. I decided to opt for the grilled, rolled up aubergine with stuffed truffled quinoa, a spiced Moroccan sauce, pesto, toasted almonds and pine nuts. Heaven is indeed a place on earth. The Ivy holds the expert knowledge that every protagonist is in need of a sidekick. Hence, their menu features an abundance of side dishes that leave you utterly spoilt for choice. Limiting myself to two sides, I decided on the creamed spinach and baked sweet potato with kale and yoghurt pesto. I regret nothing. The food was utterly divine, each dish held a surprise, whether in its flavour, presentation or quantity.

Whilst the prices for the main can be considered a little above the average student budget, the atmosphere and quality are worth digging deep into your pockets for this one. The Ivy captures experience dining in a nutshell- innovative cuisine, friendly waiters and charming interiors, this venue is a must-try in Bath. Not sure you fancy a fancy dinner? Try a more budget breakfast or perhaps a lavish lunch. The Ivy offers it all.

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