Protest Calling For VC Resignation To Be Held On The 30th

On the 30th of November at 3pm, a protest calling for Vice Chancellor Glynis Breakwell to resign will be held on campus. Students will assemble in front of Lime Tree and then march to the Council Chamber, where senior management and staff will be meeting. 

The protest, organised by Bath Students Against Fees and Cuts, has been gaining traction on social media and currently has 424 students listed as ‘going’ and another 902 ‘interested’. “Our VC Glynis Breakwell has been embroiled in scandal of scandal for months now, reads the event page, “she’s hurt the reputation us students and staff have worked hard to build up over the years.”

“We’re calling a demo to make our demands heard about the Vice Chancellor’s resignation, a fairer pay ratio, governance reform and cutting the rent,” said a spokesperson from the group. “We want to make it clear to senior management that students have had enough and won’t stand by silently while they perpetuate such gross inequality.”

However, the campaign has not been without its issues. When initially advertising the event, the group were accused of being misleading in their publicity after incorrectly claiming that the VC received another pay rise a few days ago. Furthermore, the six demands listed on the event range from calling for reforms in governance to student halls accessibility; arguably stretching beyond the core message publicised.

Bath Time will be reporting at the protest itself. Further information can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/708335972702259/

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